Thursday, July 15, 2010

Completely Tim

The "second half" has begun and The Freak wasted no time reminding us all that we are not worthy. Using a rather economical 110 pitches, Tim got his

4th career SHUTOUT : 9 innings, 6 hits (all singles!), 1 walk, 5 strikeouts.
Tim only allowed the Mets three runners in scoring position and kept Pagan, Wright and Davis off the bases entirely. Throw in a big hit by the Panda (no kidding, an actual RBI!) and this one was ours all the way.
Tim Lincecum delivered much more than a spectacular (game score 79) SHUTOUT tonight. He gave us back our legitimacy. I'm sure I saw it. Right at the very end, after a nifty Sanchez play to end the game. Victorious pitcher and catcher exchanged a quick, sly grin. Like they knew something nobody else did. This picture almost captured it.
Did you realize that was the first time Tim and Buster were batterymates? What do you think those two have planned for us?


M.C. O'Connor said...

It's Freaky Time!

Get your Freak On!!


M.C. O'Connor said...

Now that I've calmed down, I must say I cannot abide by Aaron Rowand leading off. Why does Bochy insist putting an out-maker up so often? And Freddy "5-3" Sanchez is starting to irritate me. Yes, he's a fine fielder (nice play to end it last night), but why does that mean he gets 5 PAs every game? His OBA is continuing to plummet. It is a respectable Fred Lewis-like .341 right now, but it belies his atrocious .694 OPS. I appreciate a good glove at a key position, especially because we are so weak at SS. But either hit better, Freddy, or move down in the lineup. At this point, our only 3 hitters are Torres, Posey, and Huff. What could be bad about them hitting 1-2-3? We aren't going to get a shutout every night and we need to maximize our scoring.

Sorry, but I had to vent. I'm glad Tim looked great. But it is agony watching our lineup.

Anonymous said...

They could always put Uribe at 2nd and Renteria at SS? But, that won't look too much better.