Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giants score 10 runs; Matt Cain weeps

Jonathan Sanchez had one of those Sanchezian Nights where he couldn't get out of the 4th inning despite six strikeouts and only two walks. He also hit a two-run single that gave the Giants a brief early lead that he quickly gave back. Since Matt Cain wasn't pitching, the gag rule was lifted on run-scoring and the lads racked up 10 big ones. I've been squawking and hollering all season long that the Giants "need another bat" and all of a sudden the Flemming-faced kid from Florida State is running out a .351/.386/.510 line (that's a .405 wOBA). I think that qualifies as "another bat." If Pablo Sandoval can start hitting, Aubrey Huff can keep raking, and Andres Torres can fight off the Dark Lord of Regression, the Giants might--they just might--have a real offense. Of course, there's always Edgar Renteria. But even Aaron Rowand gets a clutch hit now and then so perhaps that magic can wear off on Edgar.

MadBum today. The Nats counter with Livan Hernandez. This is a mismatch of Cainian proportions--Livan will throw a 165-pitch 17-hit complete game and win a World Cup-like 2-1 angst-fest. Or not. The Giants are only four back, but the Rockies are only one back after a six-game win streak. San Diego is 5-5 in their last ten games.


Check this out:
From Elias: Buster Posey went 4 for 5 with a home run and three RBIs on Saturday, giving him 19 hits, six homers and 13 RBIs in 10 games in July. No other rookie in National League history has had that many hits, homers and RBIs over a 10-game span. Several American League players have done that, most recently Brian Daubach for the 1999 Red Sox. (from the ESPN team site, emphasis mine)

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Brother Bob said...

Holy shit Posey is good.
JSanchez is a lost soul recently. His early control has been almost nonexistent. Always behind. Lots of walks.
There are 2 things I check first when I look at the box score. Who got multiple hits, and then I check Sandoval's batting average(.266 currently.) Sandoval is the reason I check for multiple hits, because when he was good he was the one doing it."Oh boy, how many hits did Pablo get yesterday?"
If he somehow can pull his huge head out of his huge ass, the Giants might have a chance.