Thursday, July 1, 2010


Young Madison Bumgarner pitched well but was let down by his fielders, his hitters, and his bullpen. The Rockies extended the Giants losing streak to five games. Let's hope Tim "Back-to-back Cy Young Winner" Lincecum can return to his dominating ways tomorrow, because none of our other weapons seem to be working. At least we got to see Buster Posey catch an entire game, and he delivered lots of excitement with two hits including an opposite-field homer. He also failed to make a tough putout at home, and I've no doubt the media Molinistas will insist it was an obvious lack of veteran savvy clutchness. Be that as it may, I'll take a Buster battery every time. This fellow is only going to get better, and we are damn lucky to have him. Bad luck for MadBum tonight, but that's nothing new for Giants pitchers. Go have a chat with Matt Cain--who also made his debut at the tender age of 20--he'll fill you in.


p.s. Now that we started this "cut the dead weight loose" thing, is there a shortstop in the organization somewhere we can plug in for Edgar Renteria? Can we trade him for one? I'm feeling like Tyrone Power in that old movie Abandon Ship! where he plays god and tosses overboard all the old, sick, and weak people in an overcrowded lifeboat in order to save the others. We want to save this team from drowning, we have to be ruthless here! Check out the D-Backs (there but for the grace of god, etc. etc.)--they are a-hackin' and a-hewin', but at this point they have little choice. Maybe they'll sell one of their three shortstops cheap.


Anonymous said...

How's Brandon Crawford doing?

Brother Bob said...

I went to the game Wednesday and wrote a post but it was deleted by the cyber gods. It was the best thing I've ever written, beyond a doubt.
The jist of it was that despite the outcome I had a grand time. My happiness is NOT dependent on the success of the SF Giants or any of their individual employees.
It's still fun to bullshit about.

Zo said...

Jesus, these guys lost 6 in a row? I was out of touch for awhile. It really feels like rebuilding, cutting Benjie loose. It feels like giving up on the season to wait for next year - we are not out of it, but can't seem to beat the doggers or puds. We should be buyers - but not renters for the stretch drive. It seems like we have made some upgrades this season and lately, but then again, we are 2-8 in our last ten. 13 - 14 months do not a division winner make.