Friday, July 30, 2010

Orange-You-Glad-We-Have Tim

The Giants just barely continued their winning ways by defeating the doggers, 6-5, tonight in front of a packed Orange Friday house. One run games, especially when you are in a pennant race, are nerve racking ordeals which can turn on the tiniest of details. In a wonderful game like tonight's, it can be difficult to pick out that small nuance...the "difference maker."

Off the top of my head, I will list a few possibilities:

1) Tim Lincecum made a tiny change to his motion (raising his hands higher) that I must admit I would not have spotted on my own. The result was his 16th quality start; a flawed but gritty performance: 7 innings, 7 hits (2B,3B, and a HR - Tim's 10th), 2 runs, 2 walks, and 8 strikeouts. Actually if you could eliminate Furcal (3-3, HR, 2B, 2 walks), Tim probably would have thrown a shutout. Did the change make a big difference? Not so sure...Tim still seemed out of sync at times.

2) The one mistake Furcal made: trying to stretch a double into a triple with two outs in the fourth. Really Sanchez and Huff deserve credit for great relay action, but it was a stupid move.

3) Huff's non-walk: in the bottom of the third with two outs, Aubrey thought he had drawn the walk (even threw the bat away and started down the line). A very close call. The next pitch Huff crushed a ball 400+ feet to give us a lead we never lost (barely). And my personal choice...

4) The color orange: I know it is probably a silly detail, but it is an



Anonymous said...

Scary towards the end. Exciting game, makes me miss the boring ones (like the Brewers series, ah). But yeah, the bullpen is looking pretty skimpy with just Romo there to stop the fire. We can't pull this shit off every night. Screw the big hitter, I want a happy ending (pun very intended). I wish it were cool here like in SF. NJ is humid and hot. Hoping for a cool Saturday. Go Giants!

Brother Bob said...

The team is finding ways to win, and it usually involves scoring lots of runs.
What's the story with Wilson?
Also, I hope the token appearance out of the bullpen doesn't screw with JSanchez's fragile psyche. We shall see.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Great win. Tim is amazing. Uribe saved a run with a throw home and had HR. Huff had a monster game, and that was a great throw from RF to FSanchez as well as a great catch in LF. (I thought Furcal had a triple all the way. Took a PERFECT relay by FSanchez to get him.)

Winning ugly is still winning. (Good thing we had 6 runs.) Just keep winning!!!

And how the hell do the Padres wind up with Ryan Ludwick?

JC Parsons said...

Huff was spectacular in all ways. His catch in LF was especially sweet because he had just moved over from playing RF. His throw on the fabulous relay was good but Sanchez unleashed a rocket. Kinda too bad Torres dropped that deep fly...he got to it. Guess I expect evrything to be an out around him.
Anytime you make the last out of an inning at third you have made a HUGE mistake. If you bat second, it is doubly stupid.
Using JSanchez like that was sorta wacked. I quickly remembered why he isn't a reliever already. Why haven't we bought Ohman or somebody by now? Picking up decent relievers is one of the few things that Sabean does pretty well. We have an entire month before the rosters expand and besides, who do we bring up? Hinshaw? We must make a move.

Zo said...

Although you usually lavish Tim with plenty of praise, in this case I think he deserves more. He (with some assistance) held the doggers to two runs, he was shaky at first, from his new wind-up or whatever, but then got it together in about the third. I think it was 46 pitches for the first two innings. Managed to get the big outs when he needed them (seems like this is a big difference from last year for the team as a whole) and all of a sudden, he had put in 7 innings. To say "quality start" doesn't seem to do justice.

Brother Bob said...

Oh! "Orange you glad." I get it now!