Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unenlightened Tim

Tim Lincecum made his 20th start last night and pretty much sucked, against the doggers no less. The amazing part is that if you followed last night's game you may not even remember that unpleasantness. So much shit happened! I thought it might settle out in my poor brain ("Doctor, my brain hurts!") but I'm even more dazed this morning. AARRRGGHHH!!! Baseball overload. Too much to discuss. I mean, shit, Bochy actually helped us win! That, right there, is almost too much for my P-brain to assimilate. Must compose myself.

- 2 hours later, after Tai Chi class at community center...If that shit doesn't calm you down nothing will...

Giants baseball 2010 is about to get historic. I've been around the game a long time, as I suspect you have as well, but very little can compare to the adventures that this team is providing. It is not always pretty - like Tim last night ( 4.2 innings, 7 hits, FIVE runs, 3 walks, 2 strikeouts ) but the end result is starting to get downright thrilling. It only took a couple minutes to know Tim was way off - he gave up as many total bases last night before he got an out as he did the ENTIRE previous game. I admit that I thought we had no chance. Boy howdy was I wrong. Like the lotus, which rises magnificently from the septic quagmire, our beloved Giants overcame Tim's squalor and became a thing of beauty floating above the human offal in the blue boring stadium. ( Quite a clever way to work in a picture of the wife's new tattoo. Nothing to do with baseball, but a real eye-catcher, don't you think? )

There are so many nifty things to chronicle about the HUGE win. I trust that my impatient hecklers (screw you, Bro) will chime in with their favorite moments and players, etc. My favorite craziness was ol'Bonehead catching Mattingly in a double mound visit. Now I know it may not have been the game-changer (after all Broxton was doing shaky himself) but it was truly a great moment in dogger dickheadness.

Is this the big turning point for the 2010 Giants? And did they really do it in spite of Tim Lincecum?


M.C. O'Connor said...

You have to win even when your best guys are struggling. Tim had trouble gripping the ball--did you see his unintentional eephus pitch? He did one during the game and one between innings while warming up. Do you think he might have a nagging injury?

He's had his off nights this year, that's for sure. It happens to the best. Winning the game was incredible. What a comeback! And what idiocy by the Dodgers!

I know longer believe in "turning points" and "magic moments" in seasons. I've too many battle scars for that, and I'm far too much the skeptic. But, goddamn we are playing some great ball!!!

Posey's presence in the lineup and on the field is fantastic. The guy is a beast!! I get Will Clark vibes all the time when I see him--the confidence, the ease, the obvious talent. What an impact he's making!

M.C. O'Connor said...

That's "I NO longer believe".


Brother Bob said...

I no, MC, I no.
You have to love how badly the Doggers are struggling recently.

JC Parsons said...

Know matter what anyone else thinks, knowone noes more than my Bro.