Friday, January 21, 2011

18 games in September: I

On September 5th, the 2010 Giants began a streak of 18 games in which opponents were held to three or fewer runs. That sustained run of pitching excellence set a modern baseball record and "served notice" to the rest of the league that the Giants had a formidable staff worth paying serious attention to. Of course, everyone still thought that the Phillies would win the pennant.
Pitching                    IP H R ER BB SO HR BF Pit Str GSc
Jonathan Sanchez W (10-8)    7 3 0  0  1  9  0 25 112  75  79
Sergio Romo H (14)           1 0 0  0  0  2  0  3  10       9
Brian Wilson S (40)          1 0 0  0  0  2  0  3  10       8

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Here's what I wrote then.

The Giants beat the Dodgers the day before with an incredible four-homer barrage after falling behind 4-0. It was one of the most dramatic wins of the season and brought the team within two games of the reeling San Diego Padres. Matt Cain gave up all four runs in the 4th inning but threw six scoreless otherwise. For the next three weeks no one would score four runs in a game, let alone an inning, against the Giants.

The Giants would go 12-6 in that 18 game stretch, giving up only 25 runs. While 12-6 is good, it should have been better! In the post-season, the Giants went 11-4 in their 15 games while giving up 41 runs.

We'll visit Game II of The Streak tomorrow.



M.C. O'Connor said...

The last two columns for the bullpen guys should be "strikes" and not "Game Score!" I'm still learning.

JC Parsons said...

What a great idea to post about!! Where ever do you come up with this stuff?
Seriously, I do think this streak will be something that is talked about for years to come. It is unlikely we see anything like it again, after all it never happened before in our lifetime (except maybe Zo). It may not have been the "turning point"...but then again it may well have been.