Monday, January 17, 2011

Bring Me the Trophy of Allan H. Selig

The Trophy Tour is of utmost importance to me. I longingly wish--or is it wish longingly?--to gaze upon the Commissioner's Trophy and bask in its shininess and awesome glory. Medford, Oregon, is the closest it will come to my hometown. Alas, the web page teases me with TBD and TBA, refusing to publish the actual date, time, and place of the Trophy's visit! I cannot stand the torment any longer. I must know. I must be able to plan the event! I've sent the Giants mail pleading for commitment and clarification, but to no avail. I feel abandoned in my hour of need.

Friends of RMC, I beseech you. Send to the Giants your concerns about me and my local fellows. Tell them about how remote and underprivileged we are here in the State of Jefferson. Flood them with requests to bring the Trophy to us. I know, I know, they already brought it to Redding and Chico, but that was only after a last-minute alteration of the schedule! It was on, then off, then on again! Curses! And Redding is 50 miles further away than Medford!



p.s. The Magic Inside is fun. It's an hour-long review of the entire 2010 season narrated by Duane Kuiper. Lots of great clips and interview snippets. (Is there a Giant more charming and likeable than Andres Torres?)


M.C. O'Connor said...

They wrote back:

Keep checking the Trophy Tour page for updates:

We'll add information as soon as we have details. Thanks for writing!


Not the most satisfying reply, but proof that SOMEONE reads the e-mails.

Your turn!

Brother Bob said...

There's a pill for your condition.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah? Hook me up!

Ru-Tallica said...

live in Orange County. Surrounded by doyer and angel fans and it's the worst thing ever living behind enemy lines. driving up to see the trophy at the walnut creek tour stop. yes, i'm that fanatical. and wouldn't want a pill to cure me of this condition. GO GIANTS! DOYERS SUCK!