Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gettin' serious

OK, OK, the party's over. It is time to get back on the wagon. No more binges. No more celebrating. There's work to be done! The Giants are the defending champs and it is going to be a long and difficult season. Time to get some game-face going on and start playing ball for keeps!

Tim Lincecum did not look sharp in his final Cactus League start. He gave up two homers (one to Fred Lewis!) among his eleven hits. But he got in his work (25 batters over 5 IP) and threw around 90 pitches (I lost track when they interviewed Sergio Romo). I'm not worried about Tim Lincecum. When the gun goes off to start the race he'll be setting the pace all season long.

The Giants break their 5-game losing streak by smoking Aroldis Chapman for 5 runs in the 6th. He didn't get anyone out. Buster Posey worked three walks and Andres Torres had three hits and four RBI. The Giants are on CSN Monday night in San Francisco. Since Jonathan Sanchez goes tomorrow, I expect it will be Matt Cain getting the nod against Oakland.

Back to work!


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JC Parsons said...

Don't you mean "Getting Series-us"?? Get it? Sorry, I still got a few days of party in me. Wake me on Thurs and then I'll get down to bee's knees.
Tim doesn't like the air in Arizona...there must be some joke in that, but I just got up.