Monday, March 21, 2011

Makes a great desktop background

Photo by JC (nice work, Jonathan!).


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Ron said...

Awesome & heroic tales of your adventures with the Trophy! If I'm not mistaken, isn't that Sue & Robyn on the left-hand side of the photo of Mark & Jon with the Mt. Shasta Parks dude?

Our weekend was quite nice & remarkable, too. We were up in Seattle, first for Santiago to visit UW. Then, the Kids had a Rowing event up there on Saturday (the races went well). Driving back from that, we were speeding by a marshy field just next to I-5 in Kalama (about 30 miles north of the Columbia River bridge). I noticed a lot of white & said to Susana: "Those are Swans!!!". We got off at the next exit, circled back, &, first from the side of the highway, then from a frontage road on the opposite side of the marsh, counted up about 60 Tundra Swans!!! Given that the only ones I had previously seen were just 2 Swans with many of you at Klamath NWR in 1987, this was a spectacular sight. They were in various stages of hanging about, sleeping, fluttering their gigantic wings, etc.. The other big bird sighting of the weekend was in a tree on the UW Campus - approximately 15 nesting pairs of Great Blue Herons in a single tree near the Chemistry Building!