Thursday, March 3, 2011

Someone else noticed The Streak™

Roger Schlueter of
For 18 straight contests, Giants starters Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner, Barry Zito and Sanchez went to the post, did their work and finished their day without allowing any more than three runs. Perhaps inspired by that level of work, Giants relievers maintained the dominance, keeping every opponent under the four-run mark. That 18-game streak of allowing three runs or fewer -- the longest for any particular team since 1917 -- vaulted San Francisco into first place, legitimized talk of the Giants having perhaps the best starting rotation in the game, and presaged a magnificent run through the postseason that concluded with a World Series title. 

Some folks just catch on a little later.



Ron said...

After RMC, my favorite SF Giants blog was McCovey Chronicles. That was before all of the shit on that page caused my hard drive to self-destruct twice. The first time was reparable. The second time was not. Aside from the destructiveness, on a good day, it runs painfully slowly, because of all of the moving images his commenters put on those absurd lists of 'non-comments' & 'non-sequiters'.

Mark, if you have any type of influence with Grant over there, please let him know that I can no longer risk my equipment viewing his page, & I am sure that I am not alone. That is a real shame, because just the photo captions alone are worth the time spent checking the page.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah there's a lot of crap on that site, but Grant writes so well and is so bloody funny that I ignore the nonsense. (You don't have to read the comments.) The ads and pop-ups are part of the whole SB Nation thing. If they are making your computer crash there's not much I can do (I have no relationship with Mr Bisbee, either, other than he was kind enough to list RMC on his blogroll). You might consider using a Feed Reader (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome have RSS readers built-in). That way you get the posts fed to you automatically without the baggage.