Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Downer in Denver

Here I thought it was all lined up for a good time: home brewed beer, freshly made guacamole, and me in the middle of my vacation with Matt Cain and the Giants on TV in HD. It was not to be. Cain got rocked for most of his 4-2/3 innings, the pent up Rockies taking it all out on the normally stalwart righty. I want to say it was great to take two of three in Colorado, and it was, but the heaping dose of unrequited greed that courses  through my veins makes that hard to accept. I'll look back on this winning road trip at some point and praise the Giants for grit and fortitude, but today I wanted a genuine, Made in America CainStart™ and I got a bucket load of moldy Jell-O instead. I suppose Matt has to pitch poorly occasionally, something about the Law of Averages and all that statistical shite, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Troy Tulowitzki, held in check the first two games, was the hitting star for Colorado along with Ty Wigginton and Ryan Spilborghs who smacked the requisite three-run home runs. The Giants never really put anything together, succumbing meekly to Jorge de la Rosa who gave the Rockies the big start they'd been looking for. Buster Posey got battered all day by bats and batted balls but still managed to get hits and RBIs. That guy is one hell of a ballplayer. But you knew that.

Travel day tomorrow, then three at home with the Braves this weekend. Madison Bumgarner gets the call Friday against Tommy Hanson.


p.s. We Don't Have Enough Reasons To Hate The Dodgers Dept: Selig steps in. Enjoy your time in McCourtville, Bud.


Zo said...

Another load of crap from Bud Selig. The doggers do not have "loyal fans." They have celebrities, posers and thugs.

Zo said...

Just a note. The last time Matt gave up six earned runs in a game was October 1. Since then, he pitched in 6 games (before this one) and gave up a total of three earned runs. That includes the NLDS, NLCS and World Series.