Sunday, April 3, 2011

Giants fall flat in finale

Barry Zito battled back from an atrocious 1st inning and racked up five scoreless to keep the Giants in the game. I was really impressed in the 6th after he walked two with one out but got Matt Kemp and Juan Uribe to fly out harmlessly. This is the guy who was in a car accident on Thursday! I give Zito a lot of credit today for keeping it close after the terrible start. The Giants fought back with two solo homers (Pablo Sandoval and Pat Burrell) and a two-out RBI from Buster Posey. Zito left with the game tied. Dan Runzler, unfortunately, gave up too many hard-hit balls and the Dodgers took the lead in the 7th and put the game away. Aubrey Huff had a nightmarish day in the field, letting a ball get past him in the 1st for a triple and getting tied in knots in the 7th on a long fly that fell for another triple. I love Aubrey Huff but he needs to play left field. Let's get Nate Schierholtz a start, eh?

Monday is an off-day and then Madison Bumgarner gets his first start on Tuesday against Aaron Harang in San Diego. Tim Lincecum goes Wednesday against Tim Stauffer.


p.s. Brandon Belt Moment: The Giants showed life in the 8th, loading the bases with two outs. Brandon Belt, in a scintillating PA, drew a walk off Matt Guerrier to bring in the fourth run. And a nod to Aaron Rowand for taking Jonathan Broxton deep in the 9th.

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Brother Bob said...

One of Zito's problems is his habit of giving up runs immediately. Yesterday he recovered pretty well after a bad 1st inning.
Poor Huff, it seemed like everything was hit out to him in the 7th inning. Both of those triples would probably have been caught by Scheirholtz.
And Pat the Bat- 2 hits, 2 homers, 2 RBI, 2 runs scored. He's batting .143. A one-trick pony.