Friday, April 29, 2011

Overshadowed Tim

Do I really have to "tip my cap" to another mediocre pitcher that performs like a Hall-of-Famer against our boys? Come on, this is really getting old...

Tim Lincecum (2-3) did pretty damn well ( game score 58 ) :

7 innings 7 hits 3 earned runs 7 strikeouts 0 walks
but he didn't have a chance as Jason Marquis threw a dominating 5 hit shutout to bring down the Giants, 3-0, in the first game of four in Washington. Tim was hurt by some shaky outfield defense (which is starting to look like a real Achilles heel), a bad call or two, and some weirdness. The last RBI hit by Marquis would have made Bengie Molina was up in his eyes!

There's no doubt Marquis pitched well (game score 84), but the Giants could not have been more accommodating. It only took 96 pitches to do us in (only 17 in the last two innings, shit, it felt like they were running for the exits). Only one extra base hit. Only two batters forced Marquis to throw SIX PITCHES to them all night. And one of those was Lincecum!!

This kind of embarassing loss cries out for managerial response. What do you think it will be? A meeting...some benchings...maybe an angry outburst! That would be cool...totally out of character and uncalled for, but cool.

And, is this the first time Tim has been below .500? Probably not, but I'm not sure. His first season he went 7-5, so it may have happened then.


Brother Bob said...

I expected a boost when Ross returned to the field, but the opposite has occurred. The team has been flat, or worse. It's not Cody's fault, but I can't remember much that he's done yet that makes me especially glad he's playing again.
Apparently we're a better team when Rowand and Sandoval suck and play less. I realize none of this makes sense. Timmy losses are such downers.

Zo said...

Ross, in his last 7 at bats, has produced 1 hit and 9 outs. He would be more productive if he did not swing. Posey took a called ball just low and outside last night, then promptly swung at a strike 3 pitch 9 inches lower and 9 inches further outside. He's guessing, and doing a poor job of it. Huff doesn't have a clue, he could be swinging blind for all the effect he is having. Rowand and Sandoval are the only ones in the lineup with a clue of what to do at the plate, and they are split too far apart to do any good. And can anyone explain to me why Emmanuel Burriss is on this team?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Tim just hasn't figured out how to be a "winner." Don't believe me? Check out the 2-3 record. That's a losing record and only losers have losing records. When Tim gets back his mojo and is a winner again then he can carry the team on his shoulders.

Meanwhile, Aubrey Huff needs to start hitting.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Sandoval out with broken hamate bone.

That's a huge blow--he's been playing great ball.