Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MadBummer in San Diego

Madison Bumgarner had an inning to forget, walking three in the 3rd and failing to field a comebacker. That mess took 31 pitches. After a leadoff double in the 4th, Ol' Boch went with Guillermo Mota. He managed to get it done despite a hasty misplay by Pablo Sandoval to blow a rundown that kept the inning alive. To be fair, Sandoval looked good spearing grounders the rest of the afternoon, and had a hit and a walk as well. Bumgarner looked fine when the game started but seemed to lose command of his breaking pitches. The inconsistent umpiring didn't help. The Giants got hosed in the top of the 3rd on what should have been a ball four call and an RBI walk to Buster Posey. I dislike umpires who are inconsistent--if the low outside pitch is a strike, call it one, if it is a ball, call it that way for everyone. But that's just whining. The Giants couldn't get the big hit against Aaron Harang. Or anyone else. MadBum lost his cool and handed the Padres three runs after being staked to a 1-0 lead in the 1st. It was one of those days where you hope a young pitcher learns "what don't kill ya makes ya tougher."

The "gee it's only April" mantra is getting tiresome. C'mon Giants, win some goddamn games!



Brother Bob said...

This is the third year in a row we've started poorly in LA & SD.

Anonymous said...

On the two, two pitch in the third, Bumgarner threw a fastball right down the middle which fooled Hudson, it was called a ball, and then he went on to get a hit. Which was just the opposite of what happened to Posey, as ball 4 with the bases loaded was called a strike, and Posey went on to ground out to the pitcher. The turn around there could have cost the giants the game, a rally, and upset the young giants stud pitcher.