Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Definitely NOT Tim

Everyone has had the experience of popping a lovely treat into your mouth, only to have the shock to find out it was something else completely. Polite descriptors of this would include: jarring, disappointing, grating, and maybe even, staggering. Less polite: Barry Zito.

For only the second time in his career, Tim Lincecum was scratched due to illness from yesterday's "big" match up against the Phillies. I had a crazy busy day, so I only was able to start listening at 4 pm, game time. Part of the day's hectic pace was fueled by monstrous expectations of freakishness from my beloved Franchise. Oh baby, Timmeh was going to put the Freak Show on display while the Philly fools (great fans, tho) heckle and boo. Hella-stoked, as we say in NorCal.

Then the fabulous truffle I was about to pop in my mouth turned into a syphilitic goat turd.

Needless to say we lost, we turned yet another pretty good pitcher into Greg Maddox, and the "offense" continued to be offensive, but not in the right way. It was so fecking predictable...once Tim was scratched. Can't image why you would want the details if were lucky enough to miss it...but here's some.

It looks like Tim gets the match up with Cole Hamels today, which would be awesome (assuming Tim's at full strength). Then Matt Cain would go on Thursday, which gives us a great chance to win the series. Hell, I can almost feel that goat taste leaving the memory cells right now.


JC Parsons said...

It smells like we are going to panic and give Wheeler up to get Beltran. This is not good...I think.

JC Parsons said...

No Tim today...still pukey I guess. Back to Matt.

Ron said...

Should he, indeed, be on the way, selected highlights from Carlos Beltran's 2011 line:

League-leading 30 2B's

Giants'-leading 15 HR's

Giants'-leading 66 RBI's

Giants'-leading 60 BB

Giants' 2nd best .289 BA

Giants'-leading .391 OBP (note that the difference between OBP & BA is > .100)

Giants'-leading .513 SLG

Giants'-leading .904 OPS

The 2011 formula is going to be a little different than the 2010 formula. Actually, if you just consider Beltran to be the 2011 Posey, then the formula isn't that much different. Last year, we had Posey & Huff, plus some other good contributors. This year, it's Pablo & Carlos, plus some other good contributors. I can deal with this - we will be upgraded, & we have 4 years to come up with a Zach Wheeler replacement.

Ron said...

Carlos Beltran's official website:

Zo said...

An anagram for Beltran is Rental. Actually, it is Rentalb, but you get the idea. This is one of those deals where if Carlos Beltran takes us deep into the playoffs, and we never hear from Zach Wheeler again, we made a great deal. If he replaces Ross, or Schierholtz, but does not out-perform him, and Zach Wheeler is a Cy Young competitor when our aces are pursuing free agency, then we made a terrible deal.

I am apprehensive. I do not like the idea of giving up young, great pitching for aging hitting. Wheeler is not yet "great pitching", he may never be. Still, young for old. Who is pushed out here? Ross? Shierholtz? Is there a platoon? Move Shierholtz to center? Another trade in the works? So many questions.

JC Parsons said...

Another reason this is a BAD DEAL is now Barry Zito or Jonathan Sanchez are no longer expendible. Also, we have to sit either Ross or Torres, which is not an area of great weakness. A pitching prospect like Wheeler is worth $10 million at least, Beltran is more like $5 million. We were ripped off. A bad deal, motivated by a panic. Jeesh.