Friday, July 15, 2011

Self Opposing Tim

The Giants dispatched the puds tonight in rather undramatic fashion, 6-1, giving Tim Lincecum (8-7) the victory and expanding the defending champs lead in the NL West to 4.5 games. A game against the puds..... and it was fun! We actually played like we are the vastly superior team, something that we probably now are just believing. If we continue to play like this for a while, look for that lead to grow quickly (remember we are already past the hardest part of the schedule). And what do I mean by "play like this"? Basically, I mean Andres Torres needs to get back to driving this (so-called) offense. He doesn't need to be as spectacular as tonight ( 3 runs scored, 3 hits, a walk, 2 RBI's and a SB ) but it wouldn't hurt.

Timmy had yet another effective but completely inartistic effort ( game score 63 ). Yeah, I must be damn jaded to complain about

6 innings (112 pitches) 3 hits (all singles) one run 4 walks 7 strikeouts

Yet it seems clear that the Freak's rhythm is still off. He was fighting himself, almost from the very start. Tim was facing a worthy opponent...and it wasn't the San Diego Padres. Between silly walks and wild pitches, Tim created several high stress (and high pitch count) innings. I keep waiting for Tim to develop the ability to go deeper into games and rack up some complete games. Greedy, I know, but what am I supposed to expect from a guy that has already accomplished what he has? My theory is that the loss of Buster and the ensuing catcher merry go round (welcome Hector Sanchez, nice walk in your first appearance) has knocked Tim for a loop. Remember, he blames the transition to Buster from Bengie Molina to be the main reason for his very shaky August last year. Imagine how disheartening it must have been for Tim to see Eli Whiteside flounder (that lasted about two starts) and to now settle for only slightly better Chris Stewart. Since I don't think any major change is coming, I don't see the situation getting better for Tim. Guess only time will tell if my theory is true. Tonight's win is sweet and I sense even better times ahead. But I'm still not happy with the state of Freakdom right now. His next few starts will tell us a lot.


M.C. O'Connor said...

When I saw Tim pitch last weekend he bounced 3-4 pitches and threw another 3-4 up over guys' heads. And these were not waste-pitch situations. It was weird. But then he got a bunch of guys out, like he always seems to do.

It's a long, hard slog. Tim will have his doldrums (which we would be rememberin' are a hell of a lot better than most, me bucko). They all will. I think Tim knows how to focus and bring out his A-game when he has to. I expect he will find that groove thang when crunch time comes. Cain and MadBum will be right there with him, and I'll take those match-ups with any club on the planet.

Brother Bob said...

Sandoval's hitting streak ended at 22, but he didn't suck, drawing 2 walks and driving in a run with a sacrifice. I don't like streaks, they're a distraction.

Anonymous said...

In the time that I've been a fan (end of 2009), for the most part, I've always felt that Timmeh wasn't pitching to his potential and yet he's still among the best starting pitchers since last year. Hell, he was in the top ten on the leader boards for a lot of stats in his worst full season. That's saying something. I feel like as he ages, he'll become more focused and go deeper into games.

I've been loving our 1-4 hitters. I'd rather have Cody batting fifth instead of Huff, but you can't have everything.

A nice boring win last night, I'm hoping for another today lol.


Zo said...

I think "damn jaded" has been a good descriptor for you ever since I have known you. As hard to fathom as a change in catchers link to pitchers' performance may be (I can see only a very slight difference), you may be on to something. I don't understand a lot of things. Yeah, his rhythm is off. Nice to see some offensive contributions, though. Those things tend to feed on themselves.