Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Serving notice

The Giants scored five runs at home. That's amazing. They did it when Madison Bumgarner was pitching. That's incredible. It took 19 tries but MadBum finally got more than three runs of support in a start in San Francisco. He can thank young Brandon Belt, who had a huge night and "served notice" that he wants to stay and play. It is easy to get excited about the two Brandons. Brandon Crawford continued to make tough plays look easy at shortstop and chipped in a hit, two walks, and a run scored. Belt worked both sides of the field--yanking a ball to RF for a homer and "inside-outing" a ball down the LF line for a double. The Tejada injury forced Ol' Boch to go with Crawford. Belt will have to hit like that every night to play. I expect Aubrey Huff will get plenty more chances to rack up that 4-3 record he's chasing.

Madison Bumgarner put together another brilliant start, and that's the real story. The W-L record is a Cainian masterpiece. What subterfuge! Who can take a 4-9 guy seriously? Hah! The Dodgers do now. This kid is great. Krukow was effusive on the post-game show, going on about how he expects him to get better and be valuable to the Giants for a long time. OK, I'm in.

Everyone is looking for a replacement for Buster Posey, and if they've been watching, they've learned his name is Pablo Sandoval. He's doing it all, working magic with the glove and stroking line drives with the bat. And maybe if we notice the Brandons a little more we'll see that they really add a lot to the club. Hey, let's hope The Brain Trust notices and we keep seeing more of them.


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Brother Bob said...

There's something special about the initials BB for the Giants. I first noticed it when Bob Brenly and Brett Butler were back -to-back hosts of pregame radio shows. There was Bobby Bonds and of course Barry Bonds, now Bruce Bochy and Brandon Belt. Boof Bonser update- he blew out his arm pitching for the Mets AAA team and will get Tommy John surgery and miss at least a year. Bye bye,
Brother Bob