Sunday, July 17, 2011

There goes the sweep

I stopped watching after the three-run homer by Jesus Guzman in the 1st inning. Barry Zito had thrown about 25 pitches at that point and 20 of them were balls. It was ugly. Actually, it was too familiar to be ugly. It had a nice, comfy, nostalgic feel to it. Ah yes, that Barry Zito. The leave-me-off-the-playoff-roster Barry Zito. The 14 Game Score Barry Zito. (That was not his worst start against SD. Take a look at July 12, 2009). I know we'll get some quality innings out of Zito again at some point--maybe even his next start. But those meltdowns will still be there, lurking, ready to pop out and ruin a perfectly good ballgame.

Number of times since 2005 Matt Cain had a Game Score below 20: three (189 starts).

Number of times since 2006 Jonathan Sanchez had a Game Score below 20: two (115 starts).

Number of times since 2007 Barry Zito had Game Score below 20: seven (138 starts).



SIR said...

Ditto here on changing channels - it was marathon night - a lot of hits off our team and a lot of hits for the NCIS team as well!

Zo said...

As Kruik and Kuip said on the post-game show (OK, we went out for dinner, I did not sit through the whole thing either), Zito does not get a pass. He has pitched quite well until last night. The thing is, he relies on a curve. When the curve isn't working, and it wasn't, he got nuttin'. No, Joe Mauer is not available in trade for Barry Zito.

Anonymous said...

I lasted through to the second Zito 3 run homer.

I mean, as irritating as Jonathan Sanchez is, I do not recall him ever doing anything like that: walk 2 men on base then cough up a home run.

Walk 6 people in 4 innings, yes.

Brother Bob said...

Zito has the occasional streaks of adequacy, that's about all you can say for him.

Anonymous said...

Nothing worse than boring losses.