Saturday, July 30, 2011


"This is baseball. There are all sorts of ways to lose."

That was Brian Wilson (via sfgate) talking about last night's game. Tonight's game was another sort of way to lose. MadBum had a first inning sickeningly reminiscent of the first inning from hell he had last month in San Francisco. This time he managed to get some outs. The Reds were up 5-1 in the fourth and scored a run on three straight squibbers. It was that kind of night. I was happy to see the Brandons out there. I was happier when the game was over.

Barry Zito goes tomorrow. Let's hope the Giants can score some runs.


p.s. The Colorado Rockies are throwing in the towel--Ubaldo Jimenez has been traded to the Cleveland Indians. At least he didn't go to the Arizona Diamondbacks--they had to settle for Jason Marquis. The Rockies are 11 games back with 56 to play. The Philadelphia Phillies sent four prospects to Houston for Hunter Pence.


Ron said...

Is Orlando Cabrera 2011's Edgar Renteria? We have to hope so.

Ron said...

Both are from Colombia, close to the same age, lots of similarities.

I guess that the only remaining question is "Will Dave Flemming's voice crack when Cabrera hits the Series-winning HR?"

M.C. O'Connor said...

Hmmm. After getting the best available player, the Giants go out and get . . . Orlando Cabrera? Hell, Crawford could probably hit as well and has to have a better glove. Very strange. (Renteria was a way better player in his prime.) I suppose it is Veteran Savvy Clutchness and other intagibles. Actually, it is not too far from Sabes' usual M.O., that is, stock up on "major leaguers." After all, he only needs to perform for two months. We saw that even Edgar could be god-like for two weeks.

OC .598 OPS
BC .546 OPS

What are they going to do? Send down Crawford? Man, that sucks. Of course he'll be back in September when the rosters expand.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Oh yeah, OC has 37 games of post-season experience and a ring with the '04 Red Sox. That's big with Sabes. Beltran has a 1.302 OPS and 11 HR in 22 post-season games. Hmmm. The Giants have one more day to get a catcher with post-season experience . . . let's see . . . how about, uh, that guy we had last year? Whiteside? Checking . . . checking . . . gimme a minute . . . oh yeah Buster played every inning of every 2010 post-season game. Eli suited up--that has to count for something.

JC Parsons said...

OK everybody ripped me for criticizing the Beltran deal slightly (we got took) but can we all agree that this deal is RIDICULOUS? Come on...we need another Tejada??? Cabrera brings NOTHING to this team. Veteran saavy shit. Neal was an OK prospect and Cabrera is a ... I have no clue... a security blanket to a weird manager? company for Tejada on the bench?
Cleveland is also a playoff team and they discarded him. That says alot.

Ron said...

Cabrera does give us a second 'icky helmet' guy.

But, seriously, as mentioned by Bochy, it is pretty painfully obvious that Crawford is not ready for ML pitching yet. I wish that weren't the case, but that's the current situation. Here's the ideal scenario:

1) Crawford gets sent down now.
2) Crawford rakes at Fresno.
3) On August 31, 2011, Tejada gets 'injured' & Crawford gets called up, strategically placing him on the ML roster before September 1.
4) Crawford gets more & more playing time in September, as we build a lead & clinch early.
5) Crawford hits very well during this September opportunity.
6) When it's time to determine the playoff roster, Crawford is definitely 'in the picture'.

Let's face it ... we've been hearing about Neal for years. He had one great year at lower A ball, then not a lot.

I'm not super-jazzed about this deal, but it's sort of a typical deadline-type thing.

Maybe one more coming?

Brother Bob said...

I saw Neal play 2 years ago in San Jose, in the same game I saw Posey hit a homer and saw Angel Villalona strike out. Neal had the potential to be the next Kevin Frandsen.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I think that's it exactly--OC is "Te-nadas" replacement. Boch and Sabes aren't convinced that Crawford can hit well enough for the stretch run. I hope they DFA Te-nada and keep BC for OC's backup, but we'll see. Ron's September scenario seems OK to me. Remember, the Giants won the World Series with Renteria at SS. "Veteran presence" is one of those things I've scoffed at for years but it's a big deal to the boys in charge. OC has 2000+ ML hits. Crawford has around 1000 TOTAL professional PA. To B & S that's a no-brainer.

The Beltran trade shocked me. I did not expect a "big splash" move. This kind of thing (Neal for OC) is consistent with what we've seen over the years (much like the Keppinger and Hall pickups).

Oh, and I did not "rip" you about Beltran. I disagreed. Passionately, but respectfully. Don't be so fecking sensitive.

More important than the new SS is what the bloody hell to do about Zito? Another shit performance this morning. At this point, I'd rather see Mota get a start!

Zo said...

@ Jon: Yes, Yes we can.

Here is what OC needs to do: 1) hit a grand slam in his first game, 2) play exceptional defense, and 3) look good at the plate while doing at least marginally better than Crawford. Which pretty well sums up his season so far, and by that I mean the "marginally better" part. OC has 50 more points on his batting average today, but their on base percentages are exactly the same. Crawford is no longer listed on the Giants 25 man roster (Sunday afternoon).

Maybe in all the "Hitters! Hitters! OMG! OMG!" coverage, the pitchers were somehow thinking that things would be different and they wouldn't have to be studs every damn time out. That's wrong.

Ron, no one is interested in Barry Zito. It is a fantasy to believe he will be traded.

@Mark, in your original post, you expressed the hope that the Giants can score some runs. No, No they cannot.

JC Parsons said...

Zo, co-founder of the IFP. I love you, man.