Saturday, July 2, 2011

Up by six and the gods intervene

1703 California Time and I just watched the efficient Detroit tarp crew cover the field. The Giants score SIX unanswered runs in the first three frames and the gods decide to fuck with it. Typical. They are cruel, the baseball gods.

Let us hope the game resumes soon and the Giants continue to kick ass. Does Barry Zito continue to pitch regardless of the length of the delay? I would think so, he's the savvy vet, and the team needs him to chew up a few innings here.

I'll be back.


UPDATE 1845: Tarp peeled, but game still delayed.

UPDATE 1917: Kruk & Kuip are back.

UPDATE 1921: On the radio Flemm said the game would resume at 10:40 p.m. local time.

UPDATE: 1935 (five mins. early!) It's 6-0 Giants and a new pitcher for the Tigers.

UPDATE 1938: Miguel Tejada GRAND SLAM 10-0 GIANTS!!!!  

UPDATE 2019: Aubrey Huff's career line is .280/.342/.470 (114 OPS+) and he came into tonight's game with a .240/.293/.375 line (87 OPS+). Will one of these breakout games finally be the breakout game? 12-0 Giants.

It's official--Zito gets 15 outs. Impressive outing when you consider the almost three-hour delay. I'm going for a walk in the gorgeous twilight (2033). I think the Giants can hang on.

I saw the alpenglow on Mt. Shasta. Six innings, 80 pitches, five hits, ZERO RUNS, two walks, one strikeout, Game Score 61. Barry Zito makes me think of Kirk Rueter. He got guys out but you always wondered how. I know--because he's a major-league pitcher. And a major-league pitcher can get major-league hitters out.

Sixteeen hits, 15 runs. Who are these guys? The worst offense in the league decided "that was enough" and graciously passed the honor back to the Padres. Oh, how I loves me some RS > RA.

p.s. 84 games played, 48 wins. 42 more wins and that's 90 (.538 ball). Right now they are on a .571 or 92/93-win pace. If the Giants go .500 the rest of the way, they will finish 87-75. The 2010 Giants were 40-39 and 6-1/2 games behind the Padres on this date.


Anonymous said...

I expect zito to come back, but we always have motta for a few innings. The rain is slowing down, and motown may be in for a game. Hopefully the momentum will not shift.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my T's stuck and I did not catch it.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Itt's OK.

Anonymous said...

A blowout win is needed some times. But they better not come back and lose 1-0 tomorrow. The starting pitching has been great this week.

Brother Bob said...

I love Zito. I have always loved Zito.