Tuesday, July 19, 2011


That was a nice, sweet win.

Kick 'em when they're down, I say!



Ron said...

Sometimes, you get handed lemons, & you make lemonade.

It's 'Free Preview Week' on MLB Extra Innings on the real TV, so I turned it on, expecting them to follow normal procedures & air the home team broadcast. But, it was Vin Scully. After overcoming my initial disappointment, I settled in to listen to Vin complaining incessantly about the Dodgers' crappy season so far & about how much classier the Giants are & about how much more alive the crowd at the ballpark is. That was actually pretty entertaining.

Then, I decided to go listen on the radio before going to bed. Again, lemons. It was too early in the evening for KNBR to overcome the powerful adjacent local station. The part-time Giants' local station was not broadcasting the game. So, I had to listen to the part-time Dodgers' local station for the last few innings. Again, a bunch of whining by Rick Monday & their dopey play-by-play guy. The best moment was their reaction to the Jamey Carroll ground-rule 2B - you know, the usual stuff about how the Dodgers just can't catch any kind of break. The kind of thing we've all said 1,000 times before, except, for a change, it's the Dodgers on the short end. Their doom-and-gloom perspective on the game, deepening as it got closer to the final out, was refreshing to hear.

Realizing that it was finally dark outside, I switched over to KNBR for the final numbers right after the last out.

Go Giants!!!

Ron said...

For a little more light entertainment, this is from the 'Rumour Mill' column in this morning's Guardian newspaper (London, England), commenting on some rumors in The Sun (a Rupert Murdoch trash paper):

According to this morning's Sun (the paper, at least) Chelsea may buy Scott Parker outright rather than simply renting him at inflated London prices. They will, however, loan polemical 16th century cleric Thibaut Courtois to Atl├ętico Madrid, where he will stride around in his robes quilling controversial pamphlets and wondering why he ever left Genk [his current Belgian team]. Chelsea are also after Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal in order to "fill the gap left by Michael Essien's KO", which is the technical medical term for anterior-cruciate-ligament-snap. Vidal is 24, plays for Bayer Leverkusen [his current German team], will cost £15m and spends most of his time teasing Norman Mailer and making waffly pronouncements on US television where he says things like "one is frankly assailed by a yawning chasm of mediocrity, as I once said to Jack while we were both on mescaline with Dorothy Parker".

Ron said...

Oh ... & one more thing ... Vogelsong really looks good. That DP he started was amazing.

An interesting Vin Scully stat about Vogelsong:

Opponents who swing at the first pitch & put it into play off of Vogelsong are hitting over .400 - that seems pretty damn high. With a 1-0 count, it's down to .350, & with a 1-1 count, it's down to .300. Again, both of those numbers seem pretty high, too, but I don't have others with which to compare.

Zo said...

Trash paper? I hardly think so. Where else can you get page 3 girls?