Sunday, July 29, 2012

Feckless Giants Flop in Finale

Not to disrespect Ryan Vogelsong, who gave it a hell of a go, but he does that every time. He doesn't have to prove he can hang with the best, we know he can. The Giants drew the short straw after the debacle on Saturday, having to face their Arch Nemesis in the last chance to salvage the series. Clayton Kershaw, predictably, dominated from start to finish. And finish he did, throwing his second shutout of the season. All the home team had to do was avoid a sweep. That's it. Two wins would have been nice, but one would have meant LA leaves town still two down. Instead, the Dodgers get to share the top spot and are looking to push our boys out.

The Giants amassed 21 hits in the three games, 18 of them singles. The Dodgers had 15 extra-base hits. If I were more poetic I'd wax on about these perilous days being a true test of character for the lads. After a good shellacking it's best to pick ones self back up and dust ones self off, chin up there, bucko, put up those dukes and let's see those combinations again, eh? Because today sucked. So suck it up and stop sucking, goddamnit.



nomisnala said...

lets hope the giants do not repeat what happened last year at this time. They started losing to bad teams that were on losing streaks. This occurred at home and on the road. Last year the lost to a bad pirate team who could not beat anybody else in August, and Houston made them look bad, even with a giants reject pitcher who started for Houston and beat the giants. Bochy needs to get this team off of the dulldrums and get them out of this losing streak. This streak at home. Time to start winning again. Winning often, and by large margins. Vogelsong has been masterful. It was the first game of this series that the giants should have won. Bochy's defeatist attitude when the team went down during game two of the series, did not spark energy in game 3. When you get swept in a series that you start Cain and Vogelsong, you had better check your lineup.

Ron said...

Friday night set a horrible tone:

- LA had acquired H. Ramirez (age 28, under contract for 2 more years, lifetime line of .300/.374/.499/.873), giving up virtually nothing to get him, instantly solving their left side of the IF problem.

- During the game, we acquired M. Scutaro (age 36, out-of-contract soon, lifetime line of .271/.337/.386/.723), luckily not having given up much either, giving us a marginally-effective player for a couple of weeks, while Panda recovers.

- H. Ramirez blasts game-winning HR in extra innings & continues to get extra-base hits for the rest of the weekend.

Yuck. Worst Giants' series in 15 years? Ever?

Zo said...

Here, take the division. Please. Allow me to prostrate myself on the ground whilst you eviscerate my soft, pale underbelly. We were out pitched, out hit and humiliated in our own home. The three consecutive shutouts? Distant memory. I'm experiencing extreme emotional volatility this season.

Brother Bob said...

Tonight I will assume the role of stopper as I attend my first game at good ol' PhoneCo Park in 2 years. Today's my son Andrew's 35th birthday and it was his idea to go to a game. I'm a little bit nervous about this, what with a nasty losing streak going on. Wish us luck.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Bob! You've got the honor of seeing Madison Bumgarner pitch - that should give you more than half a chance.

Meantime, all of this talk about Pence, Victorino, & League. I was still hoping for Chris Perez of the Indians. Not sure how we can come up with a package that even gets us in the running for Pence or Victorino.

Since we gave up Zack Wheeler last year, at least we no longer have any top prospects to give up in a deal. How did our farm system suddenly get so lame? Well, I guess we do have a few guys (Panik, Joseph, & a few others). I'm still not sold on this skinny, white CF we have - Gary what-ch'-ma-call-him.

Ron said...

Previous post actually by Ron - technical difficulties.

Ron said...

Here's a tidbit of information:

Brett Bochy (yes, Son of Bruce), is our Richmond Flying Squirrel Closer. He has the following stat line

6-3, 1.76 ERA, 13 saves
46.0 IP, 24 H, 11 BB, 59 K

This is his 2nd year of pro ball, after a successful career at the University of Kansas. Last year, at Augusta (short season), his stats were even better!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Time for the Giants to kick some ass and finish the home stand strong.

nomisnala said...

Romo is now in the get two strikes on the batter, then hang a slider. Then throw two more beautiful pitches, get two strikes on the batter, then hang another slider. Mental? or blister? what is going on. Bochy, when Romo was unhittable you played him sparingly, now that he is in a slump, you toss him out there to hang those slider.