Friday, July 20, 2012


Giants might well see Jonathan Sanchez again this year.  He is now a Rockie.  And for you nostalgia buffs, here is something worth reading.

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Brother Bob said...

I was the alleged J Sanchez expert but honestly I couldn't give a crap about him now. I feel sorry for him I suppose. Maybe he'll be remembered in KC as the wrong end of one of the worst trades ever. Good for the Giants though so fuck KC.
Great article, Zo. The author's mother sounds great.
"In the '70s, the Giants played on AstroTurf. On AstroTurf. People had to brave the elements, sit in a concrete latrine, and convulse to keep their bodies warm in a minus-50-degree wind chill. And they did it to watch a team lose on AstroTurf." Future people will simply not believe us when we lamely try to tell them just how awful Candlestick could be.