Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mojo Tim

Start #19    ND  (3-10)    8 innings    5 hits    ZERO runs   1 walk    11 strikeouts

It isn't often that something else matters more than getting the win.  Of course, maybe I'm just saying that because we did end up winning, 3-2 in 12 innings over the Astros.  Be that as it may, the big news of tonight was the dominating performance of Tim Lincecum ( game score 82 ).  Displaying the kind of fastball command that brought him those big ol' trophies a few years ago, Timmeh sliced through the over-matched Houston lineup.  His knee high heat, in on the hands on both sides of the plate, set up his other devasting stuff.  Just like the good ol' days.  His final out of the night was way cool; a strikeout that he got the assist on as he grabbed a pitch that got away from Hector Sanchez ( a recurring theme in this weird game ).  Sure it was a pity that Tim didn't get the win, but it is not like he's going to have a good record this year.

The good:  There is a boatload, obviously since we are BACK IN FIRST PLACE!  Melky Cabrera ( 40 multiple hit games! ), Angel Pagan, Gregor Blanco and Buster Posey all got on multiple times.  But the real offensive star was Hector.  Four frigging hits; including the game winner.  What a night he had...trying to catch Timmy's shit, getting the tough error that tied the game, and then winning it in extras.  Sanchez is truly one of the bright spots of the season...he also makes our catching position the most potent in the league.  Special praise to Brad Penny with 5 big outs in extra innings.  Isn't it cool that he is contributing again?

The bad:  I suppose it must be mentioned that Santiago Casilla has blown a wad of games lately.  Tonight's was tough - the tying run scored from second after a strikeout! - but it is an alarming trend for sure.


Brother Bob said...

Tim was indeed excellent. But he was also pretty good 4 or 5 starts ago, then he fell into the crapper again. So we shall see.
Sanchez is quite a player. He's such a precocious hitter he allows the team to rest Posey a lot. Last night on the post-game KNBR call-ins a Mr Knowitall declared Sanchez "not ready to catch at the major-league level." I guess that was based on what occured on what should have been the last pitch of the game.
As for the closer situation, I advocate flipping Casilla and Romo, just for the hell of it. We shouldn't have to worry about Romo feeling secure in his role as an 8th inning guy. Screw that, he's an awesome pitcher and would be a great closer.

Zo said...

Romo right now has braces on his knees, and his sliders put a lot of torque on his arm. Castilla is probably better suited to pitch day after day. However, something must be done about those BS. He has about a season's worth, and about a half season's worth of saves.

Just in case some of our readers, which must number in the several, didn't catch what happened to put us in first place, the smog-suckers also had two outs and two strikes in the top of the ninth at home, then their closer turned away from the plate to tend to the mound, and the runner at third stole home. As that was happening, the runner on second broke for third, and as a wild throw went home, he too scored, to bring the plucky pads from one run behind to a one run lead, which held up. Which, I guess, shows that fate has a moral component.