Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Brandons

I got to see Brandon Belt strike out with a runner on second and no outs, and I got to see Brad Penny cough up the winning run. That was about it. Yesterday's extra-inning game was much better than today's, so I'm glad I was out of doors and missed devoting TV time to this one. I'm happy to see that Barry Zito pitched well again. It's a nice problem to have, this inability to sweep opponents. At least they are in a position to sweep, that's got to be a good thing.

Oh, and what to do about Belt? The poor guy is looking worse by the day. He's swinging and missing stuff, not even getting weak contact. I hope he can turn it around, the Giants really need him to produce. This lineup is a lot of little parts adding up to something good, and everyone has to pull their weight. When Brandon Crawford makes you look bad, that's bad.




Zo said...

Brandon Belt, Joaquin Arias, Gregor Blanco, Nate Schierholtz. These guys all seem streaky and slumpy. When you get a couple of them in a slump at once, it is noticeable. Nate has looked great lately, two home runs yesterday, but not too long ago looked pretty much the same as Belt does now. That is, horrid at the plate to the point that he is unable to put the bat on the ball when he needs to. Arias and Blanco, hot as could be for awhile, then cold as could be. What you wind up with is guys batting .230, .240 or so. Belt has looked wonderful, hit with power, been selective and piled up hits, and but not lately. Of course, the press is all about how Sabean might make a trade for help at first. In Sabean's most recent statement about Belt, he said that the Giants were committed to his development. That was just a couple days ago. Belt is young (24y, 187 AB, 2011). Arias, Blanco and Nate are not as young in age or service time (Arias, 27y, 257 AB, 2006 - 2011; Blanco 28y, 710 AB 2008 - 2011; Nate 28y, 922 AB 2008 - 2011). You have to believe that Belt has potential to be more consistent but wonder if these other guys have reached their potential, and will remain streaky. I don't put Pagan in this category, because you know he will come out of his funk. Nor do I include Burriss, as I do not believe him capable of going on a hitting streak with any meaning, although he has contributed from time to time. If Bochy could catch Belt, Nate, Arias and Blanco through their hot streaks and sit them when cold, then we will be alright. Big if.

Brother Bob said...

We have a lot of AAAA talent on the roster. Some of these guys are never going to amount to much. Burriss in particular has had many chances to show his worth. He'll never be anything more than a role-player, someone who can play on Sundays and pinch run, etc.
Bochy seems to do a good job of juggling his lineups, keeping everyone involved.
It was sweet to see Nate put his money where his mouth is, following up his public complaint about playing time and then hitting 2 jacks. He's the one guy I'd love to see turn it on more often.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, I think the Giants are committed to Belt and Schierholtz both, neither of them are going anywhere. Nate's glove makes him valuable in the OF mix, just like Blanco, even when the bats aren't there. And any player who is happy in a sub role is not a guy you want around. They should all be unhappy when they aren't starting.

Belt is too young to give up on, but man is he frustrating to watch. If the Giants look for help I hope it is a bench/role player, not a starter. They could use a RH power bat off the bench who could play the IF corners.