Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fried Tim

Start #17   LOSS !!  (3-9)    3.1 innings 9 hits 8 runs (new career high) 7 earned runs 2 walks  2 strikeouts

It would seem that the sweltering heat of Washington (94 degrees at game time) gobbled up the fallen Ace of the Giants, Tim Lincecum, and spit him out.  In arguably one of his WORST STARTS EVER (game score 12! seriously, I didn't know they went that low!), the Nationals destroyed the Giants, 9-3.  That is a brutal way to start a key span of games in which 12 of 15 are on the road.  The hot, stinky road.

We can only hope this game is the result of freak frying weather, otherwise we are right back to worrying about Tim's every move.  This is the team with the league's best record after all.  Their impressive offensive stars, Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman, looked good today.  And their #3 starter, Jordan Zimmermann, sure whooped our sorry butts.  They look very tough to beat.  Yeah, it might be a "hiccup" as Bruce Bochy called it.

Or we might be back to square one with Tim.   Heavy sigh.


M.C. O'Connor said...

The road back is filled with bumps, ruts, and occasional detours, but that just makes the homecoming more sweet. I thought Tim had already hit bottom, but it seems not. More hard work lies ahead. Looks like Tim will just have to tough it out.

The team will have to tough it out, and we fans will have to tough it out, too.

Brother Bob said...

Ick, what a downer.
The Nats are a good team, an interesting team.