Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brewers Get It Done

The Giants finally solved Kyle Lohse and tied the ballgame after six, but could not push across another run after that. The home team, on the other hand, wore down Santiago Casilla in the bottom of the 9th and walked off with a win. It was bottom-of-the-lineup blues as Carlos Gomez and Yuniesky Betancourt had four hits and three runs batted in between them. I was a little surprised Boch didn't go with Javier Lopez against the lefty pinch-hitter Blake Lalli, not so much for the matchup as I'm sure Ron Roenicke had a counter-move, but because Casilla had already faced nine batters and thrown over 30 pitches. Ryan Vogelsong looked more like the guy we saw last year and the year before. Vogie, though, always looks the same, even if the results aren't always there. It's a tough place to pitch and going seven and keeping it to three was a fine start. It's the kind of game the Giants usually win.

Matt Cain tomorrow in the getaway game--Go Giants!


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Zo said...

A few games ago, Mike Krukow was talking about how every team will win 40 games and every team will lose 40 games, and the other 82 is what determines the standings. After the Brewers horrid start, they had to revert to mean at some point. Unfortunately, they did so against us. Then again, so does Matt Cain.