Monday, April 15, 2013

Flags Fly Forever

Here's a photo from Opening Day:

The credit for all shots goes to my old pal and ex-roomie, the estimable Mr. R.H. Levine, who joined us in the nosebleed seats for the last half of the game. (T'anks a million, Rick!)

Next is the scene from View Reserve, Section 321, row 14:

Sure is a beautiful goddamn park.

No Giants photo gallery would be complete without Buster Posey, American Hero:

Fie upon you, foe! Buster shall vanquish you!

You get to party hardy when you win the World Series:

Remind yourself every single day that the Giants are the defending champs. Those guys in red know:

Check out Ol' Boch ambling in with the 2012 Trophy. Good times, man.




JC Parsons said...

Nice photos! Very impressive. It really classes up the ol' blog when we put up our own pics. Thanks Rick! Love ya

Zo said...

I love the photo of the flags.