Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Giants Unable to Get Crawford to the Plate in 10th

Or: A Pitch (or several) Too Far

That was the story after Madison Bumgarner was left in to start the 8th after seven brilliant innings and Jose Mijares was left in to give up a double and a single after two outs in the 9th.  Chad Gaudin, normally reliable, was brought in for the 10th, got the first out, then gave up a walk, a double to Cody fucking Ross (who is not nearly as beloved as some claim), then intentionally walked the next batter to load the bases and was left in to give up a sac fly for Arizona's 11 inning victory, 3-2.

If only Brandon Crawford could have made it to the plate again in the 11th.  Brandon had himself a heck of a game, 3 hits in 4 at bats: a single, the run-scoring double, and a 9th inning home run to tie the game at 2 runs each.  In the 11th, after two outs and a Brandon Belt double, Joaquin Arias could not keep the game alive to get our sole rbi source to the plate.

I really do not like to have lost, again, late, to those Arizona motherfuckers.  They are like the dodgers, with sand.

Madison Bumgarner gave up 3 hits and 1 walk in 7 innings, before a double and run-scoring single in the 8th.  He threw 64 strikes in 101 pitches, sacrificed a runner to second and was allowed to bat in the 8th with one out, one run in and Brandon Crawford standing on third.  He's a pretty good batter for a pitcher.

We should have won this one 1-0 if our relief had done their job.  I will admit that Arizona is gritty.  Ian Kennedy was gritty through 6 before giving up a single to Gregor Blanco and the run-scoring double to Crawford.  They have talented pitching and a good group of young hitters.  But we should have won perhaps all three games, and certainly at least two.  Yesterday's conclusion was sloppy, badly pitched, poorly defended and badly coached (still don't know if Pablo blew a stop sign or not).  Today's was badly managed, for Bochy not having his mojo working to know juuuuuust when to make a move, and badly pitched.  Bad Giants.  No first place.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Ah, it's April, lad. The Sand People will have their early-season fun, the ignorant fools. I say "Wait 'til September, bitches."

Very exciting to see B-Craw hitting so well. Maddy pitched another awesome game. (Ol' Boch probably should have pinch hit for him in the 7th, eh? Don't usually argue with Boch these days, but this time . . .)

nomisnala said...

I think a key play was the high fly ball to center, that Pagan broke back on, and then came in, too late to make the catch. That should have been a routine out. Pagan will win many games for us, and he is a hard nosed spark plug type of player, but his misjudging of fly balls has probably cost us two games already this season, and nothing shows up in the box score to show it. All that being said, Pagan is one of my favorite players.

Zo said...

@ nomis - that's correct. Bad defense in both of our last two losses. Andres also turned a single into a double. That should not happen.

Brother Bob said...

We're starting to replicate the crappy RISP hitting of the first half of last season.

Shankbone said...

Bad Giants. No first place. - that cracked me up. Then MC's The Sand People made me spit take. Wait til September bitcheses fo sho.

The Giants did a little boot ball last year too remember? I think they're ahead of themselves actually from last year. Lets go down to the friendly confines of Petco and rampage a little!