Thursday, April 18, 2013

Giants Fall Flat in Finale

Matt Cain has a 7.15 ERA after today's gopher-ball festival, and that's damn ugly. The last time he had an ERA that high was on May 10, 2006, when it was 7.04 after giving up 32 runs in his first seven starts. He was, if you recall, sent to the 'pen for a game and then bounced back with a one-hitter against the A's on May 21st. Matty has seen it all and done it all.

Here's his 2013 so far:

Four starts, four losses for the Giants.

Here's a snippet from 2010:

Yep, same guy. Four straight starts, four losses for the ballclub. That season turned out pretty well, if I recall. At least this season Matty sandwiched in a couple of good ones. And check out those walks!

Disappointing series in Milwaukee to say the least. Brandon Crawford continued his hot hitting, and Gregor Blanco had two hits and a stolen base, so there were two bright spots in an otherwise dismal afternoon. The Giants are certainly not "firing on all cylinders" but they do have more wins than losses so it can't be all bad. Let's hope the home yard will be better for everyone.



p.s. Not to be a stinker about Yovani Gallardo, who's a good pitcher, but I think DUIs are way worse than PEDs. DUIs put innocent people at risk--PEDs don't. I wonder if MLB or any of the other major sports will look at ways to curtail that sort of behavior. Hell, these guys are wealthy enough to hire drivers whenever they have a few too many. I like quaffing pints as much (or more) as the next guy, but I never drive afterwards. What's up with ballplayers? Do they think they can "maintain" better than the average Joe? And where are the angry moms on this one? We hear a bit too much about "protecting the children" when it comes to PEDs, but our "heroes" can slam all the Jaegers they want and tool around in their Hummers and no one gives a shit. OK, sorry, enough pointless ranting.


nomisnala said...

Milwaukee had not been fielding that great before this series, but against the giants they flashed some serious leather. A few giants were robbed of hits. Pablo lost his hitting streak on a really nice play by shortstop playing first base, Y. Betancourt.

nomisnala said...

What is it with the giant pitchers giving up the gopher ball. With the ratio of dingers hit against us, vs. those hit by us as great as it is, it does not bode well for this team. Something has to give. Maybe are guys get fly ball outs at home, but on the road, some of these shots are going to carry. I wish we could have come away with at least one win in Milwaukee, but the giants could just not muster up a W.

Brother Bob said...

Yuck. Who thought Matt Cain would suck this year?
Buster Posey has been a dud so far also, not to mention the huge disappointment that Belt's hot spring would not carry over into the regular season.
Things will seem much brighter soon, I have little doubt about that.