Friday, May 27, 2016

Giants Get Two Runs

5-2 loss
In Colorado. In Nine Innings. Two runs is a three-inning jaunt in the Mile High City. At the very least a four-inning saunter. Two runs is entry-level, baby. The cut-off point. The Mendoza Line, man. Two runs is not acceptable. I don't care if Tyler Chatwood is pitching! I won't have it.

Albert Suarez was heroic in relief of injured Matt Cain. That's right, Cain was removed in the 2nd with an apparent hammy. That's right. I'm on intimate terms with the hamstring, the injury du jour of the clubhouse this season. I've nothing to add to that. We'll see what they say in the morning.

Suarez' Petitesque effort went for naught and the Giants lose for the first time in a while.

MadBum tomorrow.




Zo said...

7 hits for the Giants, 2 by Joe Panik. That's not nearly enough for Colorado.

nomisnala said...

Who is their exercise guru this year? Seems as if their workouts are leading to Hammy's. The odd thing about hamstring injuries, is that half the time they are really referred nerve pain from lumbar or sacral spine irritation. We cannot tolerate these injuries. What is the trainer going to do about it? They have done a good job so far in keeping our guys away from concussions this year.