Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Romo Looks Great in Sactown Shutout

Sergio Romo pitched a perfect 7th inning today in relief of Clayton Blackburn, who did not need it. Blackburn was dealing, always ahead in the count, never in trouble. Yet he was pinch hit for in the bottom of the 6th, because Romo's turn was due. All's well in River Cats land today. The home team scored 6 in the 2nd. The final score was 6-0. An odd sort of game but pleasant. My Brat was first rate.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Giants need Romo back! The 'pen has been a little shaky without him.

Brother Bob said...

Go to the link for a swell pic of Romo, even if you don't read any of it.
Tonight I could be going to see Chris Heston (0-4, 4.45). I'll pass on this one.

Zo said...

A good brat is a wonderful thing.

Jon Parsons said...

Good job keeping track of the RiverCats for us. It really is a nice place to watch a game, isn't it? Maybe we can go Sat night after the Giants game. I had the slider combo last time, very tasty!!

It is very exciting that Blackburn may be developing. We sure need him or Heston to step it up soon. No need to "heave the Peav" ( I love that phrase!) just yet but the day is coming.