Sunday, May 29, 2016

Vlog 13 : Double Vision at Coors

8-3 win at COL

JohnnyC did his usual high quality thing but real news was that the offense went wacky. In a good way.  Is an 8 double game less common than a 4 homer game? Hmmmmm.  This question and many others are not answered in the Vlog below:

Vlog 13 "Double Vision at Coors"


M.C. O'Connor said...

Really impressed with Bum and JohnnyC going six apiece in Coors. That's like eight innings anywhere else. And a hat tip to Albert Suarez for his long relief effort on Friday as well. You get 15 outs in Coors you are doing something right.

Surprised you didn't wear your Span-iel ears. Span had an ass-kicking game! And how about Kelby T stepping up?

So I gave the boys shit for the feeble offense in the first game so they responded with 33 hits and 18 runs! Apparently Buster called a "meeting" and the hitters paid attention.

nomisnala said...

Seems as if the two homers that Span has hit this year were Bondsian. With that type of power I am surprised that he only has 2 home runs so far. Belt has been in a line drive mode, and he is not back spinning his hard hit ball out of the park. Finally Posey is starting to hit, and I hope it lasts for more than a few games. We just need Duffy and Panik to start having hits drop in more consistently. Tomlinson continues to be s base hit machine. I have not heard who will take Cain's rotation spot. It looks as if it could be Stratton, but I do not yet think that the decision has been made. The Dodgers are hanging in the race. Kershaw did not get the decision vs. the Mets but the Dodgers still won.

JC Parsons said...

I guess Cueto left early (6th, less than 100 pitches) due to a mild back strain. Felt it early and said he had nothing on the ball. I remember him hitting 92 mph with a fastball and getting some big K's late in the game. Oh well. It better be nothing.

Yesterday really would have been the day to don the ears. Of course, I have to get some first. Denard CRUSHED that ball yesterday. Isn't that the longest of the year for the team? I like Denard a lot. He may not be graceful but he is a nice improvement in the field and at the plate. Woof!

Blanco and Belt had wonderful games yesterday as well. It is likely that our offense will have to carry us pretty soon and Buster, Hunter, etc look ready. Of course we may just have 3 twenty game winners at the top of our rotation. Ok, how about 4 fifteen game winners? Heehee