Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Vlog #11 : Cueto Delivers 7th in a Row

2-1 win in San Diego

Back to back complete games!?!  What do we even need a bullpen for?
Watch the vlog below and let's soak up some more of that JohnnyC love.  Will it ever end?  I sure hope not!

Vlog #11 Cueto Delivers 7th in a Row


M.C. O'Connor said...

That was one of the Pence-iest homers of his career. Opposite field in PetCo? WOW. The guy is a beast. Did you see the angle of the ball off the bat? That's a routine out for most hitters. I'm sure Pomeranz was surprised.

I loved how pissed off JohnnyC was when he gave up that two-out hit for their run. After MadBum's almost-shutout you know he was thinking about an actual shutout. And I loved his reaction to those close pitches in the 9th being called balls. He's having fun out there. And how about him covering first on that play--I think it was the leadoff man, Jankowski? Great instincts, speed, athleticism. He's a keeper.

A month ago the Giants lost 8 of 9. Nice to see them bounce back. The team RA/G is creeping slowly downward. Only 27 runs allowed in 12 games since the 17-run debacle on the 5th of May.

M.C. O'Connor said...

JohnnyC also had another great fielding play, racing to get a grounder on the 3B side and spinning and throwing to first.

Brother Bob said...

Besides consecutive complete games we also got consecutive games where all runs were batted in by one guy, first BCraw then Pence.
I can't think of a week of better starting pitching. The entire rotation looks great for now.

Zo said...

Only got home in time for the end of the game, but got to see 3 Johnny Cueto strikeouts. Man, what beautiful stuff.

Ron said...

Now, it looks done - meet Tim Lincecum, savior of the California Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles, Orange County, Southern California, Republicans, the United States - seems like a bizarre development.

I only that hope that he benefits from close proximity to the greatest Player ever on the planet, the best Player who will ever play the Game. Oh wait ... he didn't even make the 2015 Playoffs, did he? And, the only time that his Team did make the Playoffs, his Team got swept, & he went 1-for-12. But, still, he's the greatest Player ever, so bask in it, Tim.

Zo said...

@Ron - WTF? He's nowhere near Bryce Harper.

M.C. O'Connor said...

It took me a while, man. Thought you were baggin' on Albert. Then I figured it had to be Trout. But you can't bag on Trout, man, dude's awesome. But it's not Trout, man, it's the Hype That Is Trout™. Ignore the media jibber-jabber, man. Guy's a beast. Wonderful player. Enjoy him while he exists. If he were OUR left fielder we'd be changing our underwear regularly. (Not that I'm in any way unhappy with our actual left fielders. Splendid chaps, all. Just appreciating a great baseball talent.)