Monday, May 2, 2016

Vlog #8 : The Brandons Rip the Reds

9-6 win

Is JohnnyC's one flaw the big inning?  We all saw 5 in one frame. Tonight it was 6...  Oh well, all is forgiven when the offense dismantles a shaky bullpen.  Click below for the lovely details:

Vlog #8

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M.C. O'Connor said...

They said he had one inning in 2009 when he threw more pitches (49). How many guys stay in the game and finish the inning and go back out and get some more outs? Not many, I think. I apologize in advance for resorting to Krukovian, but he's a "gamer."

Belt's the best hitter on the team right now. He hits a lot of balls hard, and hits a lot of line drives. 20 walks so far, too. Guy can hit, man.