Friday, May 6, 2016

Madbum Grits Teeth, Giants Get Win

It looked ugly in the 2nd inning - like Coors Field ugly, like last night's ugly.  The Giants bumbled their way to giving the Roxies 4 runs.  A double, a single, a couple of errors by Joe Panik (only one of them was charged), a sac fly, and what do you know - the Giants are looking like crap again.  I will say that I have come to believe that Colorado is a much better team than the preseason hype would have led you to think.  It is always a question as to how their pitching can hold up, but their defense is good, and their hitting is superb.  They were pretty much universally picked to finish last in the division, but have showed no inclination to do so thus far.  They won the season against the Giants last year and were looking like they fully intended to do so again this year.  But Madbum was having none of it.  He got LeMaheiu to line out, then struck out Trevor Story to get us out of that mess.  In the bottom of the 2nd, Belt walked, Pence singled and then Brandon Crawford homered to make it 4 - 3 Rockies.  You had to have some hope at this point - and Madbum delivered.

Madison picked away at the Rockies for 7 1/3 innings, striking out 10 in 108 pitches, giving up 7 hits and leaving them with those 4 runs (3 credited to his era).  Cory Gearrin took over at Bochy's insistence, finished the frame and Santiago Casilla struck out 2 in his save.   Much needed.  We cannot be in contention at the end of the season by losing to the Rockies.  It has a peculiar kind of adverse impact that another club just might not have.  This is the team that couldn't be bothered to beat Atlanta ONCE all season, and the Giants with 103 wins were denied a playoff spot, and no, I have not forgiven them for it.  We need to beat them in our park.


Zo said...

ps - Giants added 3 for a final of 6 - 4. Matt Duffy tripled to score Span and then scored on a Hunter Pence single in the 5th, and a Belt double scored Matt Duffy in the 7th.

Brother Bob said...

We have a recurring theme so far- lots of big innings, "crooked numbers" both for us and against us. All of our starters are vulnerable to this right now. It's most likely just one of those fluky things that will even out.
How the heck are we in first place? I guess LA sucked pretty bad for a week or so. That's always welcome.
I'm pretty psyched about the Timmy thing. I hope he makes it back, if not as a Giant, then anywhere. Go for it.
Let's pump up the Brandon band wagon. Belt may have turned a corner recently and has a shot at stardom. Crawford is already there. If he can maintain his current quality, or, dare I say it, continue to improve, he should soon be considered the best Giants SS ever and some day may even attain Jeter-esque status.

JC Parsons said...

I, too, have never forgotten and think of that surprisingly often. However, that ridiculous oddity ( a season sweep ) is about the only way the Rockies will have much impact on the race. I believe they are as bad as everyone thinks, they just happen to be playing great right now. Everybody is healthy and hot, a new guy that is a big unknown is crazy hot (Story) but that won't stay ( or else he is way better than Tulo ever was and that is probably not true ) and their pitching, which features no one and has to live in a hell hole will inevitably collapse as the heat goes up. No, the Rockies may even have our number all year but that won't make them the real deal. There is ALWAYS a team that happens to beat up another team, even the eventual world champions. Anyway, when the Giants take the last three easily against the purple puss, all this will be academic.

I am down in SacTown for Mothers Day. That means I get to watch JohnnyC with my brother and sister. A special treat! Also, I'm going to a RiverCats game on Sunday. Don't u think Tim would look good in a RC uniform? Is there really a team that gives him a starting role tomorrow? He looked good, but.....

JC Parsons said...

The Brandons are truly wonderful to watch. My absolute favorite Giant at the moment is Belt. He is a frigging MACHINE. Either he gets a walk or he hits it hard. Incredible. He simply MAKES FEWER OUTS than anyone else on the team! Not making an out is a really good thing. I'm not sure if he has failed to reach base in very many games this year. A machine.

Crawfords error the other day really knocked everyone on their ass. He is an automatic and when he failed the entire team seemed to recoil in shock. Next thing you know they are scoring 13 runs. Boy howdy those big innings are something! Just losses really but hard to shake off.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I love BCraw. He's my favorite Giants player to watch. But I don't want him to be Jeter-esque. Only Jeter is Jeter-esque. BCraw is BCraw and I don't want him to be anything but Crawfordian.

I'm so happy Brandon Belt has finally convinced Giants fans that he's a good player. The Giants brass knew and signed him to a nice long deal. I think Belt knows now that his game is respected by the organization. He's not Paul Goldschmidt and he's not Anthony Rizzo. He's his own man. Just keep being Brandon Belt, man!

I thought it was an interesting move by Boch to pull MadBum in the 8th. I think if there had been no one on base he would have let him pitch to Arenado. (Man, that guy is a great player!) Gearrin did the job. That was, as the saber-istas (saber-niks?) like to say, a "high leverage" situation. He threw some great pitches. With Romo out and Strickland struggling we may see more of CoryG in big spots.

Zo said...

From what I am reading about the Timmeh Show, he looks like he has recovered from his hip surgery and is comfortable, but whether he can pitch in the major leagues is another story. Yesterday's Chronic was about how the Giants thinking had changed and maybe Tim was a much more attractive option than he was a couple months ago. Today's is about how he will undoubtedly land with another team where he has a better chance to start. Apparently, the did a private session for the Giants 10 days ago - so you can't say the team's interest isn't there, but if he can secure a better deal elsewhere, he will. And there seems to be some interest, including from teams that need starters (which the Giants are still claiming they don't). He had his pitches working - but he has yet to face a live batter.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Newest Giants pitcher Albert Suarez takes Vin Mazzaro's place. Give up nine runs in 1/3 of an inning, kids, and you too will be DFA'd!

Suarez has 500 IP in the minors (Tampa Bay Rays)and in Venezuela. No big league experience. 26 years old. One would think the "last man" on a pitching staff would not be so hard to find. Makes me miss one of my all-time faves, Guillermo "WillyMo" Mota! Let's hope he can be a stable presence and not have to be used very much. Sure hope Chris Heston can find his groove again. He pitched so well for the big club last season, esp. in the first half.