Monday, February 20, 2012

Trivia Time

2012 is the 50th anniversary of a Giants World Series appearance, the first World Series appearance for the San Francisco Giants. The Giants were not successful in this series. But being in the World Series is pretty damn good, as the Texas Rangers' fans should remind themselves.

The Giants put some pretty good players on the field for this series, Willie McCovey, Tom Haller, Orlando Cepeda, a couple of Alous, and one Willie Mays. The Yanks countered with some pretty fair talent themselves, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, Yogi Berra and Elston Howard.

This is a program from Game 6 of that World Series, held at Candlestick Park on October 15, 1962. Put on your thinking caps.

What was the final score of this game?

What was the price of a ticket to sit in the lower boxes at Candlestick?

Who was the Commissioner of Baseball?

The Giants Executive Family lists five individuals. Who were they?

The Giants outfield had two players that went on to manage Major League baseball teams. Who were they and what teams did they manage?

Who got three hits in this game, and who was the winning and losing pitcher?

Who was the Giants' equipment manager?

The Giants had one pitcher not born is the United States of America. Name him.

No problem advertising cigarettes in 1962. The full page Marlboro advertisement features a long, lean cowboy enjoying a smoke. Marlboro's tag line was, "You get a lot to like - ________ (fill in the blank)"

WSTF (formerly Nasdaq, now privately owned). What was it in 1962?

What was the Giants record against the hated dodgers in 1962?

The Yankees had two pitchers who were recipients of the Cy Young Award. The 1962 Giants also had two pitchers who would win Cy Youngs. Name these four men (hint: one Giant was not on the World Series Roster).

Harrah's Tahoe - swingin' place in 1962. Name the performers advertised as appearing from September 27 through November 25 (Yes, you've heard of them).

What was the dollar value of the winner's share?

Answers and more in the near future.


M.C. O'Connor said...

1-0, right?
Five bucks.
Joe Cronin.
Horace Stoneham, Mrs. Stoneham and the kids. And Chub Feeney.
Felipe, duh. The other guy was . . . ?
Game facts, IDK
Mike Murphy.
Juan Marichal.
Counting the 3-game playoff?
Whitey Ford and Jim Bouton, Juan and Gaylord.
Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Pack.

SIR said...

Love the questions - I'm better at Jeopardy though, when I get the answers first. I do think it was The Beatles though.

Shankbone said...

That was the last Yankee championship until Reggie. In fact, they've ONLY won 7 more in 50 years. 15 year gap til the Reggie one. 12 Pennants. They've lost 5 WS. What a loser organization.

I thought the Cal-Neva was more the Rat Pack's speed with Frankie owning a piece for a while and all. I'm guessing Bert Bacharach.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I think it was Cal-Neva that Sinatra was an owner. Man, that would have been a great show, him fronting a small jazz combo.

How about The Smothers Bros.?

Also, I'm pretty sure Joe Cronin was the AL president, not the Commish.

Zo said...

Hint: The Commissioner of Baseball in 1962 shared a name with one of the "Detroit Three."

Shankbone said...

MC - Cal-Neva was owned by Sinatra, but he was holding the paper for Giancana. You go in now as I did five years back, its a depressing smoke filled nickle slot joint. As a young gun, I'd give my two front teeth to see a small venue show with Deano and the boys. That or Willie Mays in his prime, taking the extra base.

I'm guessing the winners share was 5K and the losers share was 2K. Nothing to scuff at in those days.

My grandparents settled in the foothills, I'm pretty sure they hit Harrahs during that time period, they moved in 1959 from the bay.