Friday, June 22, 2012

Tim Time

It's Tim Time in the pennant race. The Giants are getting world-class starts from Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner, and Ryan Vogelsong, and even an occasional boost from Barry Zito. But The Freak has not been the same guy in 2012, and after 14 starts (two of them with Game Scores over 60), people are losing patience. Me, I refuse to panic or believe he's "done." This is one of the greatest players in club history. Name the other Giants pitcher with two Cy Young Awards. What? There isn't one? List all those other SF pitchers with four post-season wins and a World Series ring. What? There aren't any? Gosh, this guy's pretty good. Yeah, he's been stinking it up so far, but shit happens. It's how you respond to shit that makes you what you are, not the fact that shit happens. Tim is an ultra-competitive, brilliant and talented athlete. What makes these guys champions is their confidence in themselves. Their self-belief. Big Time Timmy Jim is still inside that guy with no. 55 on his back. He will be The Franchise again. It may be an ugly and painful journey, but what hero's quest is without hardship? He will find his way back. That I believe. As fans, we owe him a little faith. He led us to the Promised Land! He found the milk and honey after all those years of second-bests, also-rans, and booby prizes! No time to turn our backs on him now. (Not to mention the fact that the team won't win anything without him.) So I'm ready for some Tim Time, how about you?




JC Parsons said...

Hell yeah! It truly is sink or swim time now - for Tim and the 2012 Giants. Personally, I'm very confident that he can do it. Sure, I have been pissed at Tim's poor work so far... he isn't just bad, he's the worst ... but I never thought he couldn't recover, that he was "done." The Freak has always delivered the fantastic, unexpected and hard to believe. In a sick way, this losing spell is just more of the same. Every great career seems to have big setbacks, so we all get to see how this one plays out. It sure isn't boring, more terrifying, really. I guess that's good...

Hopefully Tim can catch a lucky break early, or something, to swing the mojo. Should we do some voodoo thing? Any body got a special "Cure Timmeh's Curse" ritual? Please, we need something.

JC Parsons said...

Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts sent out to my Bro and I lately. It has been a hard few weeks but you guys make it easier.

I did want to mention that Giants history and Parsons clan passings seem to inter-twine. Soon after my Dad died in '89 there was a little earthquake you may have heard about. Now, Matt Cain goes perfecto the day after my sister passes. Weird, huh? Not just noteworthy occasions, these are HISTORIC. So, I'm just saying, when I croak, you better not miss any Giants games for a while!

Brother Bob said...

Even if Lincecum pulls a Dravecky next start and his fucking arm falls off, he is an all-time great. Great pitchers have bad games, bad months and even bad years. This team is good enough to makes the playoffs, and will Tim be Tim then?

Zo said...

Now, far be it from me to imply a cause and effect, but I have noticed that Tim's drop off in performance coincides with the use of the extremely weird moniker "Big Time Timmy Jimmy" or "Slimmy Tim Jim" or "Jimmy Tim Timmy Jim" or whatever. Where did these come from? The guy is from Washington, not West Cousinfuck, Mississippi. I've read it in the paper even. Who thinks of these things? Maybe if writers would accord him the respect of calling him a Freak, his performance would improve.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Here's my voodoo.

BTTJ was from an ESPN ad featuring Tim. It was funny, and it suited him.