Monday, September 3, 2012

Scootie & the Rostermen

. . . . and their big hit "Gettin' It Done" is Number One with a Bullet!

It is that crazy time of year with the expanded rosters, meaning there's forty goddamn guys to juggle instead of a mere twenty-five. That's fifteen more guys for Ol' Boch to figure out and find a spot for, and if today is any indication, the Giants are going to need every one of them. There were so many big plays and big players today--a thoroughly ridiculous game, one of those magical wins that defy analysis. The Giants have been on the comeback trail all week on the road, but those were bad teams, and today they were playing at home where they are lucky to score seven runs in two games, let alone one. The Diamondbacks are a good team, and have an axe to grind in the division. They were the champs last year, running away with it. This year? They score more runs than they give up but can't seem to win consistently. I don't know what their problem is, they certainly have the talent. And I don't really care, either, I have enough to worry about. Maybe it's the manager. After all, he pitched to Buster Posey with the game on the line when he didn't have to. Quick quiz: game on the line, your choice, Posey or Hunter Pence, what do you say? Leave this blog immediately if you answer wrong. There are EIGHT MORE GAMES against this club! I'm really going to be sick of Kirk Gibson and Sedona Red when it's all over.

Tip o' the tam o'shanter to d├ębutant Jean Machi (can you say Hey-AHN?) for an impressive, badly-needed inning of relief, Brett Pill for his bunt, Angel Pagan for his great catch, Brandon Crawford for three hits and flawless play, Brandon Belt for a huge hit, Hector Sanchez--who has a flair for the dramatic despite making outs 72% of the time--for two big hits, Brad Penny for being thick around the middle, and Sergio Romo for all-around filthiness. Oh, and did I mention that Pablo Sandoval had three hits? And I already talked about two-run triple Pence and two-hit, two-RBI Posey, right? That brings us to Scootie: the singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist of this Labor Day chart-topper. Greg Papa and Dave Flemming both said on the post-game coverage that Marco Scutaro was the biggest pickup by an NL West club this season. It's getting hard to argue. The man is built of overlapping, interlocking layers of VSC, covered with extra clutchness. I think we've all talked about how we've liked this guy for years, a dependable and versatile middle infielder with a real head for the game, and I think to a man we were happy that the Giants picked him up. But none of us expected this level of play! Way to go, Scoots, keep it going.

Giants are playing .570 ball and have more wins than the New York Yankees. And the Los Angeles Dodgers, which is what really matters.



p.s. Buster Posey.


nomisnala said...

Scoots, has been almost as good as Randy Winn was when we first acquired him. Well, not quite, but almost. The only problem I have so far with him is going to his right on ground balls. He either does not get to them, or he goes too far and the ball still goes through. Of his 11 strikeouts as a giant, several have come on called strike 3's right down the middle. My guess is that he is guessing on his pitches and has usually been correct, but when he is wrong, he can indeed be called out on strikes on that pitch right down the middle. Who is Freddie Sanchez? Again! Who!

Brother Bob said...

The team has caught fire at the right time. There's that feeling in the air, that they'll find a way to win. If they can keep this going, if most of our starters hold their shit together, if the FNNGs seize their opportunities, if if if...