Friday, October 7, 2016

NLDS Game 1 : One Mistake

1-0 loss at CHI

JohnnyC was everything we needed him to be.  Almost.  His dazzling, 8 inning, 10 strikeout, 3 hit performance was all for nothing because one of those hits caught a breeze and landed in a stupid basket on the left field fence.  Buster's last gasp against Chapman did not find any friendly baskets, so we lost.  So close. No denying that these guys are good, we threw our best at them and theirs was a little bit better.

So now we have to take three of four against the best team in baseball.  An imposing task, for sure.  The Shark gets the call first, then MadBum when it returns to SF.  If we can find a way tomorrow, the advantage will return to us.  I think we can do it.  What about you guys?  Holding up OK?  If every game is like the last two, I may end up with an ulcer, but DAMN it sure has been GOOD BASEBALL.  Go Giants!


M.C. O'Connor said...

The breeze helped Baez and hurt Buster. I was sure his hit was out. But that's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. The baseball gods smiled on the home team. I thought Cueto was awesome. Tremendous effort matching zeroes with Lester all night. So close.

Today is the key. Get a win today and with Bum next up I'm OK. It's not easy. They're good. But this is still plenty do-able.

nomisnala said...

I actually thought Cueto had better stuff. Cubs were complaining about Cueto's pitches called strikes, that were right over the plate. However in a couple of key instances Lester received the old Atlanta Tom Glavine strike zone. Allowing him an extra few inches off the corner that Ceuto was not getting yet Cueto was so sharp he did not need it, except it often forced him to go deeper in counts and throw more pitches. Seemed as if our lead off batter in the ninth, walked. The pitch was outside, and on replay his bat did not come close to crossing the plate. First base ump called him out. Could have been a run on Posey's double. Nunez on a full count decided not to take ball 4, high and outside and grounded out on the next pitch. Being he can not run at this time, what could have been an infield hit was an easy out. Posey than doubled. We still need a 40 homer type of guy on the team. Lead-off man did not get the walk he earned, and Nunez did not take the walk he received. Earlier in the game, Tomlinson held up on a full count, and he was called out. According to the announcer he was also called out by the base ump for swinging and he also did not swing. All the times the giants did not get the call when their opponents took a cut and it was called a no swing vs when the giants don't swing and its called a swing. In a game like game one, that is enough to make the difference. I was watching the game with many baseball fans and fans of other teams, and they all thought that there was umping bias toward the Cubs. I guess that is part of the game. I had little faith in Samardjiya and he did even worse than I expected. If the giants do not hit, they cannot win. Hoping we can win at home and force a game 5, but in too many of these first round series, sweeps often occur. Hitting matters, so does umpiring.