Saturday, April 29, 2017

Giants Fall Apart, Again

SD 12  SD 4
Matt Cain labored a bit but had good results over his abbreviated outing. The pitcher's spot came up just after the Giants had tied the game 1-1 in the bottom of the 5th and Kelby Tomlinson got the nod and that was it for Matty. He'd thrown 86 pitches to 21 batters to get the 15 outs, walking no one and getting seven swinging whiffs. Tomlinson got the pinch-hit, by the way, and wound up scoring on Brandon Belt's two-out single and the Giants turned it over to the bullpen for the final four frames with a 3-1 lead. Chris Stratton got the 6th and unfortunately made a mess of it, giving up four hits and two runs and leaving with the bases loaded and only one out. Neil Ramirez came in and poured gasoline on the fire and the Padres wound up scoring eight in the frame and three more in the next to make it a laugher. Another bullpen collapse! And I thought it couldn't get worse. That was just a wretched performance, the lack of execution has me speechless. The Giants have won two games in a row only ONCE this season!

SF 4  SD 3
Friday night the Giants got a strong effort from Jeff Samardzija (7 IP, 3 R) and a clutch late homer from The Kid, Christian Arroyo, to prevail 4-3 over the Padres. Brandon Belt had three hits and a walk and scored two. Derek Law and Mark Melancon finished up and the Giants sewed up a big win. They're all big at this point as there are way too many losses so far this season. It was an exciting and dramatic evening, but the joy was quickly dissipated by the disaster that followed the next night.

The Giants lifted themselves out of the cellar with the win on Friday but the loss on Saturday landed them right back on the bottom. Let's hope the team wins the rubber game tomorrow behind the other rookie, Ty Blach. This has been an embarrassing month of baseball--one of the worst ever--and I'm getting ill having to endure it.


p.s.  Buster and other catchers have a lot to say to Jerry Crasnick about life behind the plate in this article for ESPN. Check it out.


Brother Bob said...

The early front-runner for the Willie Mac award has to be Matt Cain. His performance has been inspiring. I thought he was washed up, but apparently he's reinvented himself. Let's hope he can keep it up.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ramirez DFA'd, not surprising.

Bryan Morris (RH) takes his spot. 30 year old FA, a former 1st round pick with the Dodgers in 2006 (same as Marrero). 211 games (215 IP) over 5 seasons, all in relief.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Here's something from Neil Paine at 538 about the change in leadoff hitters over the years. Conclusion? More walks and more power at the top of the lineup. Speed and contact hitting de-emphasized. Seems like all I read about these days are the "three true outcomes" (HR/BB/K).

Zo said...

From Mike Krukow last night during the broadcast: Matt Cain has thrown 225 innings in his life against the Padres - a good seasons worth of innings. His ERA is 3.23. What do you think is record is? 8 - 14 (all before last night). That's because of the Giants' ability to support him with some offense. We know what we call this. What do you think Krukow called it yesterday? He said Matt was "cained."

M.C. O'Connor said...

Un-fucking believable: Mark Melancon blows the save. Hector Sanchez 2-run HR!! Un-fucking believable. A two-run lead is a blowout for the Giants, you have to make that save. Jaysus Mary and Joseph!!!

M.C. O'Connor said...

How is it that the Padres can hit homers in San Francisco but the Giants cannot? I don't understand.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Is wrist-slitting the best way? Or perhaps a poison. I don't want any pain, I need something that'll just put me quietly to sleep.