Monday, March 24, 2008


From Chris Haft at
Giants infielder Kevin Frandsen ruptured his left Achilles tendon in a Minor League game Monday, according to an Associated Press report. Frandsen, who was testing the injury after being sidelined since March 16, injured his leg while running the bases after singling, the report said. General manager Brian Sabean confirmed the injury through a Giants spokesman but declined further comment until a magnetic resonance imaging examination is performed on Frandsen. It's possible that Frandsen could be sidelined for the entire season. Frandsen, 25, entered Spring Training as a candidate for the second-base job and was moved to shortstop after Omar Vizquel injured his knee early in camp. Frandsen was removed from shortstop in early March but still had a role as a top utilityman.

It jsut keeps getting better, doesn't it? Very possibly out for the season, one of our "top prospects", if Kevin could have been considered that, is out, very possibly for the season. It does make the Castillo acquisition a bit more helpful, but still leaves the Giants with old, hurt, crappy players to compliment their young, hurt, questionable players. Unfortunately, it also ups the potential for another trade for an infielder. As the blogosphere, and undoubtedly the Giant's brain trust, has been over the possibilities in detail, and found few that were exciting, it suggests.............I can't even finish this painful thought. Hurry back, Omar! You, too, Ray!


JC Parsons said...

It is quite sad when the biggest fear of this injury is not how it will effect Frandsen's career (after all he is not a very thrilling prospect and he is (was)clearly getting screwed over) but rather the fear of an trade. And, yes as you are afraid to say, the only meaningful trades involve "The TWO." Or some of our real young folk (Sosa, Valdez, Romo) which is not likely to get much. I shudder to think what may happen in the next couple days...or in a month when Ray takes a few weeks off for something...or in two months when Ortmeier is batting .120...or in three months when Omar's defense doesn't justify his get the idea.
It is a little scary when we rush to grab a guy dumped by two BAD teams...then he bats FIFTH in our lineup!!!

M.C. O'Connor said...

This Castillo guy comes at the right time. A rare Sabean move that costs nothing--except a roster spot, but I think he still has options. I feel bad for Frandsen. He got the shaft from Boch & Sabes, and then got the shaft from the gods.