Sunday, March 2, 2008

M.C. debut

MATT CAIN made his spring debut today. He faced 12 batters, allowing 4 baserunners in 3 innings (41 pitches). One baserunner was a Frandsen bobble-and-throw double error, one was a bunt single, one was a walk, and one was a line drive single. He struck out 2 and got 4 fly balls and 2 grounders (one a DP) to account for the 9 outs. He also struck out looking as a batter and earned a putout on the tail end of the 3-6-1 DP in the 2nd inning. Spring performances don't mean much, but you have to like our two hard-throwing right-handers coming out and looking sharp. Keep it up Matt, maybe we'll get some wins for you this year. We are running like a pack of deranged escapees today, with some success, but so far we aren't putting much on the board. (Ah, an Ortmeier DOUBLE! A real hit!). I hope that sort of spastic little-ball will work, I really do. Eugenio Velez is winning the Greenies Award so far this year. Go man, go! Make the team! Be our new 3B! Or SS! Or whatever! Just run, Eugenio, RUN!

update, top o' the fifth: FOUR RUNS! We have FOUR RUNS! Matt! Think what this means! You can get some WINS! This doo-run-run offense JUST MIGHT WORK! Woo-hoo!

update update: SIX! We have SIX! Partytime, Excellent!


Ron said...

Look's like Noah's gone Ankiel on us - good thing that he can hit. Maybe, he's the answer for us at 1B. Hope he can rebound - like right away!

M.C. O'Connor said...

NINE walks in 12 batters? YIKES!

Ron said...

And 2 WP's & an error - quite a day's work. Bizarre. Come on, Noah!

nancyo said...

Website's lookin' good -- painfully, the Giants aren't. Yet. Early days, right?