Monday, April 13, 2009

Do the baseball gods hate the Giants?

I will not entertain the notion that Randy Johnson is old and over-the-hill and thus "ain't got it no more." He will right the ship and we will get some quality outings. Funny how he is giving up the Big Fly. Orlando Hudson had a huge day, I know JCP will be ranting and raving about how we "shoulda signed him," but LA is exactly the kind of team Hudson can help. They already have a solid lineup, his skills mesh perfectly with the team's needs. Yes, he's better by a long shot than any of our second basemen, but we need a bunch of real hitters first. But that's one of those things we beat to death in the off-season, eh? Today the baseball gods smiled most wickedly down upon us, forcing us to endure a humiliating loss in front of an Opening Day Smoggers crowd. And those cruel and petty gods opened every sore, teasing us with every one of our nightmares about 2009, most particularly our lack of punch. Or even the thought of punch. To paraphrase Fielding Mellish:

This offense is a travesty. It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.

OK, sorry, I'm flogging the deceased equine again, eh? Good thing the bullpen has an off-day tomorrow and that team ace Matt Cain is the next man to take the ball.


Ron said...

Today's game is too painful to comment on. The answers to the 1986 quiz are:

HR's - C. Maldonado with 18

RBI's - C. Maldonado with 85

BA - C. Brown @ .317

OBP - C. Brown @ .376; C. Davis @ .375

SB's - Gladden with 27

CG's for Krukow - 10

Saves - Garrelts with 10

Pitchers' Hitting - LaCoss

M.C. O'Connor said...

Great stuff! Man, I thought about Brown and Maldonado long after I thought of those other guys. I'd forgotten Evans was on the '84 Tigers WS champ team (along with Larry Herndon) and thus was far from SF by then. During dinner tonight I had a "Craig Lefferts, Craig Lefferts!" flash, but I think he came in '87 with Mitchell and Dravecky. I also forgot Garrelts was a reliever first, then a starter. Too long ago, man, too long ago. Shoot, I already forgot last year.

M.C. O'Connor said...

BTW I brewed beer today and called the batch "Giants Fever" as in "Be A Believer." What year was that our "theme?"

I remember 1985's pathetic "Hang in There" and 1986's hopeful "You Gotta Like These Kids" and the endless "I Feel Good" (1993?) riffs from the good times. Do we need a 2009 theme song?

Theo said...

Okay, that's out of my system. Maybe now I can watch Wednesday's game without exploding.

one thing though:

Randy Johnson = Steve Carlton?

Theo said...

I think '92 was "good vibrations" ...there were none that season.
'91 I believe was "I've got a Giants attitude."
You're right the theme song has fallen by the wayside, with the ubiquitous voice and highlights of David Braxton Flemming calling singles having now taken it's place. I really thought we were onto something this season. Maybe we still are, it just seams like the same team, minus Lincecum thus far.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Good memory! I liked the "Giants Attitude" thing.

Too soon to tell about the team, of course, but the first week has been a bummer.

Lincecum will get it back.

Bob said...

"I Feel Good" was '89. Makes me think of Kevin Mitchell.
Matt Cain will rise to the occasion and restore hope.

JC Parsons said...

Just for the record:
1. Matt Cain is not the "team ace." Sorry, but he just isn't. This week?

2. I will not rant or rave, BUT I will state that if we had gone for Hudson we would be a MUCH better team AND the scum would be MUCH worse. Quite possibly the difference maker in our division (unless we are shit...the jury is still out)