Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Intangibles-R-Us is the new motto of the MMIX Giants. We're gritty and we hustle, we're tough and we hang in there, we got spunk and vim and vigor and youth. Well, some youth.

But we got no one who can consistently deliver crushing blows. Like this guy. (Sorry, I know this is a Giants site, but sheesh, this guy can hit.)

I'll give the bhoyos some credit, they had a shot a winning the game against a tough lineup and an ace pitcher. But we are like a tick, hiding on a stalk of tall grass, waiting for the unsuspecting short-pantsed hiker to come too close so it can burrow into the skin and maybe give him Lyme disease. I mean, the odds aren't good on that sort of attack strategy. We need some fangs, some claws, a vicious roar, and other-wordly leaping ability.

Intangibility is nice, but an extra-base hit with men on base is way better.

Otherwise, it is nice to see Ishikawa getting some hits and Sandoval heating up. The Fred Lewis Mystery Train rolls on: what's next? And, can Manny Burriss hit?


JC Parsons said...

So does that mean we would be better with Manny? If we have Manny and the scum doesn't, are we contenders?

That game was crap and I give the "bhoyos" NO CREDIT. We will play many close games because a) we have pretty good starters and b) many teams we play are really crappy offense teams in pitcher's ballparks. Both of those came into play last night. Play like that consistently and you will lose almost every time. Don't be fooled by the close score.

Zo said...

Last night's game was close in part because the dogger defense was almost as bad as ours. Both teams got 3 runs due to crappy defense. But they got 2 on legitimate hits.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Andre Ethier is better than all of the guys on our team. I'll take him.