Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ophiophilic Tim

( How's that for an Tim adjective? Extra credit if you know it without looking it up. Bet you can figure it out.)

Young Mr. Lincecum continues to mock traditional baseball wisdom. Pitchers are suppose to hate facing the same team in two consecutive outings, especially young pitchers. Apparently Tim did not get that memo. This time it was 8 innings, 5 hits, one walk (oops!), and a DOZEN STRIKEOUTS. Oh yeah, NO RUNS. That makes a lovely 16 innings of work: ZERO runs, TWENTY-FIVE K's K's, and ONE walk (oops!). A wonderful way to get a feel for Tim's dominance is to watch the post-game video highlight. I absolutely LOVE the sense of awe ( which later has hints of resignation ) in the voices of the Arizona announcers. (Note to self: I hope I never get jaded about our new superstar...and I pledge to never let my readers ( both of you ) lose touch with the miracle that is Tim. Amen.)

Another benefit of watching this super condensed video is that you really get a sense of how devasting his changeup has become. Yet, Mike Krukow made the comment that Tim has four strikeout pitches. Isn't that a over-statement? Two for sure, and the curve can be nasty, so I buy three. But what is the third? I thought he only had one type of fastball. What did I miss?

Photo credit: I wonder if Tim dreams about snakes and what does that mean? Look here for answers.


Bob said...

I knew you'd run out of adjectives for Tim eventually.
A little fact check- he gave up one run, so you were only off by one. Close though.
You gotta hand it Molina. He's been Senor Clutch recently. Winn is struggling.
Affeldt sure looks good. I got my first good look at him recently. He's nasty.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ah, Dr. Parsons, how lovely to use Greek in your post about our young stud. If Tim were indeed an ancient Greek, it would be Herakles, don't you think?

>>How about the slider?

Got to watch the first 3 innings. Tim's play on the line drive that hit him was impressively athletic. I remember thinking "here's a ballplayer" (not just a pitcher). He was having trouble getting his pitches over early in the count, and had a rocky start to the game, but then set them down like tenpins.


JC Parsons said...

Whoops! I was a little misty eyed and missed the one run (driven in by the pitcher!). Thanks for the correction. But, dude, I did not make up that word, look it up!

I figured I should have mentioned the offense...they did pretty well after all. So here goes:

Did you see that Tim got a hit and scored a run? Hitting .222 and he looks better all the time. Not a force yet, but when he is older I bet he'll be a good hitting pitcher.

Zo said...

So can anyone tell me why exactly Tim was brought out to pitch the 8th after already throwing 113 (if memory serves) pitches? It is not as though our bullpen was overworked, they had two days off in the previous five. I know this is a dead horse, and if Tim Lincecum has a long, strong and healthy career, I am an idiot. But if he becomes injured as a young man, just point me to the lottery to be the guy who lights Bochy's pyre. And I mean that literally.