Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stretch time!

The team flag is flying high today over RMC HQ here in the State of Jefferson, 300 statute miles from the ballpark. We've got Miller & Flemm on the Gameday Audio, and we've got Gameday, so I'm following the action and rootin' for the home squad. I'm on holiday and I'm feeling good. SeƱor Slow and Gomer have both gone deep today, which they oughta, being that they're the Savvy Veterans on the team. Young Travis showed his muscle (I got to see the highlight reel) with that booming triple, I say we need a nickname for that lad. Down the Klamath River they have a nasty Class VI rapid called Ishi Pishi Falls, and every time I hear "Ishi" I think "Pishi" but "Ishi-Pishi" is no kinda nickname for our burgeoning star. So help me out here, bras. Another big hit for the Gomer and we've got 9 on the board. That takes the sting out of Lincecum's start, doncha think?


Ryan said...

Where in the Great State of Jefferson are you? I'm a Yreka native living in Wash., DC, and your Klamath River mention made me nostalgic.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yreka, actually. Moved here 20 years ago and love it.