Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Big Feel-Good Win

I'm not a stats guy but even I can figure out Sadowsky's ERA so far. Zero, zip, zilch. Nada, goose eggs. Six scoreless innings the first time and seven last night. What's not to like?
And the offense seems to get happy with him on the mound. He's already gotten as much run support in two games as Zito's gotten all year. (Probably not, but I told you I'm not a stats guy.)
Once again the displaced Jonathan Sanchez comes in to finish the game for the guy who took his place in the rotation. No save chances when the Big Sadowsky takes the hill. Nothing but blowouts.
Isn't it great to see Sandoval announce his presence with authority? He's a genuine power threat now. You can see him improve all the time. How good can he get?

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JC Parsons said...

We sure are TOUGH AT HOME. Even if we don't stay in contention that could end up being a big factor for somebody...and no I haven't bothered to look at the end of the season schedule.
I love it when a no credential rookie pitcher kicks ass, I just can't believe it is our pitcher! Sometimes these guys get a confidence rush when they figure out they can play at this level. Don't think Ray just play.