Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Constellation of Giants

6.2 5 2 1 2 5
Game Score 61

Three Giants proved they were All-Stars last night during a thrilling 5-4 victory over the visiting Marlins:

#1 Pablo Sandoval : If you have not voted for him twenty times today , go here and do it right now. That prick from Philly went 4-5 ( in a 22-1 win!) so Pablo needs every vote he can get. With Pablo's flair for the dramatic, I can only imagine what he would do on such a national stage.

#2 Matt Cain : Although he didn't have the good curve, Matt's working man fastball was enough to contain the fish and pick up a spectacular TENTH WIN. I love it when Matt just hauls back and brings it. That is when he truly seems built for the ballpark; last night he gave up nine flyouts. It wasn't a flashy performance, of which Matt is more than capable, but it did show why Mr. Cain will be an All-Star many times in his career.

#3 Jeremy Affeldt : In a rather quiet manner, Affeldt is putting together one of the finer set-up seasons we have seen in years. Last night he added 1.1 more scoreless innings onto his lovely streak of 20.1. That is quality. Every contending Giants team I lived through had great relief pitchers; Affeldt is looking like one of them.

Put these guys in with the supernova they call Lincecum and you have yourself some star power. All I can say is:


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Bob said...

Your's is better than mine. I guess the posting time is based on when you start and not when you finish, and you write slower than I do.
I've been meaning to say wonderful things about Affeldt. He has been extraordinary. You can't tell it just from the box score, although his numbers are amazing. It's how he makes batters look ridiculous. The first pitch he threw last night was a great example. The batter was leaning back ready to bail out, then the ball hooked back over the plate for a called strike.
I voted once for Pablo. That's it for me.