Sunday, July 26, 2009

Have You Caught Wild Card Fever Yet?

The Giants and the Rockies go toe to toe this weekend in a tense battle to decide the NL wild card leadership. In July. With two months left in the season.
I'm glad we're in some kind of race for something and I hope we end up the year with a better record than the Rockies. Winning is more fun than losing.
Jonathan Sanchez returned to his standard so-so level yesterday and Troy Tulowitsky had a big game so we lost. Pablo Sandoval seems to be heating up again and Nate Scheirholtz made another great throw from right field to get an out at second.
Can you tell I haven't had my morning cup of coffee yet?
So who do you wanna trade today? I know, let's trade guys who suck for guys who don't.
How about that Rickey Henderson? Wasn't he a swell ballplayer? Though I gotta say I hated that thing of pulling second base up out of the ground and carrying it away. Then you have to stop the game and put in a new second base. That was stupid.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Well, he did steal it.

I think you should write more stuff without the benefit of performance-enhancing caffeine. After all, I've been combing the stat-geek universe for trade talk and no one could put it as precisely and concisely as Bro-B, to wit:

I know, let's trade guys who suck for guys who don't.


JC Parsons said...

Jeez MOC, do you wake up "anti-trade"? I suspect my Bro was poking fun at all you scaredy cats (yes, I called you a name!) out there. What's wrong with trade pretty good guys for other pretty good guys? Isn't that really more what eveyone is shooting for?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Hey, I'm all for trading what we've got to get something we lack. I just don't believe we really have a surplus of any one commodity. We have two great starting pitchers and a bunch of average guys. We have two good relief pitchers, and a bunch of generic guys. We have one great hitter, and a bunch of filler. You can't get anything with that without gutting the team. There's no excess, no blocked prospects, no trade chips. The minors were barren not long ago and now we have actual talent that might, just might come to fruition in the majors next year or the year after. Tell me: WHO do we trade and what can we get for it?

M.C. O'Connor said...

And Bro-B put it perfectly. We all want the Giants to trade paste and get real jewels even though we all know it won't happen. No one is going to give us Josh Hamilton for Jonathan Sanchez.

And if I were really in a bad mood, I'd have said (in my best Lindsey Nelson), "oh, those 3-run HRs."

Speaking of threes, this kid hit 3 leadoff HRs yesterday for Salem-Keizer.

Zo said...

I thought Sanchez pitched pretty well yesterday. Of course, as soon as that three run homer left the bat, the game was over.

Anonymous said...

I also thought like you..........

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